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5.1 Number of birthing hospitals trained on infant safe sleep (Michigan)

Measure Status: Active

Measurement Category: Category 1: measuring quantity of effort (counts and "yes/no" activities)

Service Type: Bottom level: public health services and systems

Service Recipient: Activities related to systems-building

Goal: Increasing the number of birthing hospitals trained on infant safe sleep will help ensure parents receive safe sleep messaging and that infant safe sleep is modeled by hospital staff, thereby reducing the number of sudden unexpected infant deaths.

Numerator: N/A - this is a count

Denominator: N/A - this is a count

Significance: When health care providers, including nurses, are educated on infant safe sleep, families are more likely to follow recommended infant safe sleep practices. One study showed that those who are educated on safe sleep by their health care provider were more likely to intend to sleep safely and follow-through with that intention (Factors Associated with Choice of Infant Sleep Position, Nursing education and role modeling increases parental adherence to infant safe sleep practices (TodaysBaby Quality Improvement: Safe Sleep Teaching and Role Modeling in 8 US Maternity Units,

Data Sources and Data Issues: Data Source will be the Infant Safe Sleep Program. The Infant Safe Sleep Program will track all trainings provided to birthing hospitals.

Year: 2018/2020

Unit Type: Count, Unit Number: 100


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