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Strengthen the Evidence for Maternal and Child Health Programs

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ESM 3.3 Percent of Medicaid prenatal care providers screening pregnant women for smoking, alcohol and drug use, domestic violence and depression using the SBIRT tool (South Carolina)

Measure Status: Active

Evidence Level: This ESM measures access to/receipt of care, thus doesn't align with a specific evidence-based strategy. Consider developing an ESM for one of the specific strategies in your state action plan to measure performance. Check MCHbest for examples to connect to the evidence.

Measurement Quadrant: Quadrant 2: Measuring quality of effort (% of reach; satisfaction)

Service Type: Direct services level of pyramid

Essential Public Health Services: 7. Assure effective and equitable health systems

Service Recipient: Activities directed to families/children/youth

Goal: To increase utilization of the SBIRT tool among Medicaid prenatal care providers across the state

Numerator: Number of Medicaid prenatal care providers who utilized the SBIRT tool

Denominator: Total number of Medicaid prenatal care providers

Significance: Increasing provider use of the SBIRT tool is an objective of the SC Birth Outcomes Initiative and should lead to more standard screenings, referrals and treatment.

Data Sources and Data Issues: DHHS/Medicaid

Year: 2021

Unit Type: Percentage, Unit Number: 100

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