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Moon, R. Y., Hauck, F. R., Colson, E. R., Kellams, A. L., Geller, N. L., Heeren, T., & Corwin, M. J. (2017). The effect of nursing quality improvement and mobile health interventions on infant sleep practices: a randomized clinical trial. Jama, 318(4), 351-359.


NPM: 5: Safe Sleep
Intervention Components (click on component to see a list of all articles that use that intervention): CAREGIVER, Education/Training (caregiver), PROVIDER/PRACTICE, Nurse/Nurse Practitioner, Quality Improvement/Practice-Wide Intervention

Intervention Results:

The primary outcome was maternal self-reported adherence to 4 infant safe sleep practices of sleep position (supine), sleep location (room sharing without bed sharing), soft bedding use (none), and pacifier use (any); data were collected by maternal survey when the infant was aged 60 to 240 days. The independent effect of the nursing quality improvement intervention was not significant for all outcomes. Interactions between the 2 interventions were only significant for the supine sleep position.

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