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Geyer JE, Smith PK, Kair LR. Safe sleep for pediatric inpatients. J Spec Pediatr Nurs. 2016;21(3):119-130.


NPM: 5: Safe Sleep
Intervention Components (click on component to see a list of all articles that use that intervention): PROVIDER/PRACTICE, Provider Training/Education, HOSPITAL, Quality Improvement, Policy/Guideline (Hospital), Crib Card, Visual Display, Sleep Environment Modification, Promotional Event, POPULATION-BASED SYSTEMS, COMMUNITY, Visual Display, Social Media, CAREGIVER, Education/Training (caregiver), Educational Material (caregiver)

Intervention Results:

Between baseline and a year after the initiation of the intervention, the rate of supine positioning increased from 82% to 95%, but the increase was not statistically significant (p=0.183). From baseline to a year following the intervention, the rate of supine positioning remained stable at 83% (p=1.000).

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