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Strengthen the Evidence for Maternal and Child Health Programs

Find Emerging Evidence

New studies are continually being published. Use these links to generate automated searches of the most current research literature using the same search parameters that the project uses to identify articles for evidence reports. These links provide you with the latest citations from PubMed, the National Library of Medicine's premier database of biomedical literature. Articles are listed chronologically with the most recently added items first and are continually updated as new research citations are added to PubMed. All entries are from English-language journals and from the last three years from date of searching. All searches open in new windows.

Search Strings

  1. Well-Woman Visit: PubMed Search
    Cervical Cancer Screening: PubMed Search
    HPV Vaccination: PubMed Search
  2. Low-Risk Cesarean Deliveries: PubMed Search
  3. Perinatal Regionalization (Risk-Appropriate Perinatal Care): PubMed Search
  4. Breastfeeding: PubMed Search
  5. Safe Sleep: PubMed Search
  6. Developmental Screening: PubMed Search
  7. Child Safety/Injury: PubMed Search
  8. Physical Activity: PubMed Search
  9. Bullying: PubMed Search
  10. Adolescent Well-Visit: PubMed Search
  11. Medical Home: PubMed Search
  12. Transition: Coming Soon
  13. Oral Health During Pregnancy: PubMed Search
    Oral Health In Childhood: PubMed Search
  14. Smoking During Pregnancy: PubMed Search
    Household Smoke: PubMed Search
  15. Adequate Insurance Coverage: Coming Soon

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