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Strengthen the Evidence for Maternal and Child Health Programs

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U.S. Administration for Children and Families (ACF)

Annotation: The U.S. Administration for Children and Families (ACF) administers programs focusing on the well-being of children and the self-sufficiency of families. Some services at ACF include programs involving persons with developmental disabilities, child care, child welfare services, prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect, runaway and homeless youth, Head Start, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and child support enforcement issues. ACF also supports an Healthy Marriage Initiative which focuses on low-income married couples with children, the Fatherhood Initiative, and the Family Violence Prevention and Services Program. ACF provides consumers with referrals, publications, and reference information. Some materials are available in Spanish. The agency also publishes newsletters, and sponsors conferences and training seminars.

Keywords: Child abuse, Child care, Child support, Domestic violence, Family centered care, Family economics, Family relations, Family support programs, Fathers, Head Start, Spanish language materials, Training materials, Young children

Alive & Thrive

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

Annotation: The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) develops policy and educates health professionals and the public on pediatric health needs, and serves as an advocate for children, adolescents, and families by promoting legislation and community-based programs that affect their health. Publications include Red Book: Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases, AAP News, policy statements, manuals, patient education materials, and a monthly journal, Pediatrics, as well as a publications catalog. Some resources are available in Spanish and other languages. AAP also sponsors conferences and training seminars for members.

Keywords: Adolescents, Child abuse, Child advocacy, Child care, Child health, Conferences, Immunization, Injury prevention, Pediatrics, Preventive health services, Professional societies, Professional training, Publications, Resources for professionals, Spanish language materials, Young children

American Academy of Pediatrics, Pediatric History Center

Annotation: The American Academy of Pediatric's Pediatric History Center documents the story of the advancement in caring for children and meeting their special needs. The center includes oral histories, archival documents, artifacts, historical publications and papers, and the archives of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Keywords: Child health, Adolescent health, Child advocacy, Child care, History, Oral history, Pediatrics, Preventive health services, Professional societies, Resources for professionals, Young children

American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start Research Center (AIANHSRC)

Annotation: The American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start Research Center (AIANHSRC) operationalizes and implements a research and training agenda for American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start and Early Head Start Programs. The center addresses gaps in knowledge relevant to early childhood intervention in American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities through implementation of the following objectives: (1) to establish an infrastructure for addressing the needs of AI/AN and Head Start (HS) research; (2) to facilitate the conduct of research that will address the needs of AI/AN communities, their HS programs, and university-based researchers; and (3) to develop the capacity for future research in AI/AN HS.

Keywords: American Indians, Head Start, Alaska natives, Early intervention, Research, Young children

Arizona Early Childhood Development and Health Board, First Things First

Build Initiative

Annotation: BUILD is a national initiative that helps state leaders prepare young children aged birth to five to succeed by helping their families access high quality early learning; family and parenting support; early intervention for children with special needs; and comprehensive health mental health and nutritional services. BUILD assists states in planning and implementing a comprehensive early childhood “system of systems” that crosses policy domains and helps ensure that families get the services they need. It was created in 2002 by the Early Childhood Funders Collaborative (ECFC), a consortium of private foundations.

Keywords: Child mental health, Early intervention, Families, Family support services, Infants, Young children, Special health care needs

Building Bright Futures

Annotation: Building Bright Futures is a nonprofit organization that serves the dual role as the State Early Childhood Advisory Council and the governance structure for the early childhood system, aligning the work at the state level with the work of 12 regional councils across Vermont to promote improvements in access, quality, and affordability of prevention and intervention services for families and young children from birth through age 6. This work includes maintaining a formal system for planning, coordinating, and integrating early childhood programs, policies, information and resources that is recognized, consistent and supported at the state and regional levels.

Keywords: Early childhood education, Early intervention, Public private partnerships, Service delivery systems, State organizations, Vermont, Young children

California Dental Association Foundation, First Smiles Education and Training Project

Annotation: First Smiles, a joint project of the California Dental Association Foundation and Dental Health Foundation, provides education and training on oral disease prevention in infants and children from birth to age 5, including those with special needs, for students and practitioners in the health professions. The program also provides oral health education for staff, parents, and other caregivers in WIC, Head Start, First 5 School Readiness, and California Childhood Health Programs.

Keywords: California, Continuing education, Disease prevention, Oral health, Preservice training, State initiatives, Young children

Catherine E. Cutler Institute for Child and Family Policy

Annotation: The Catherine E. Cutler Institute for Child and Family Policy is funded by the Child Care Bureau to conduct a mixed method, in-depth case study in Colorado to examine current practice across systems in order to determine the degree to which the educational needs of children younger than five in the child welfare system are being addressed through collaborations between child welfare agencies, early intervention/preschool special education programs under IDEA and quality early care and education programs. The Institute also identifies best practices and develops policy recommendations for how the multiple agencies which provide these services can better coordinate their efforts.

Keywords: Child development, Child welfare, Collaboration, Early childhood education, Early intervention services, School readiness, Service integration, Young children

Center for Oral Health (COH)

Annotation: The Center for Oral Health (COH) is a nonprofit, California-based organization, founded in 1985, dedicated to promoting public oral health, with a focus on children and vulnerable populations. Activities include elevating the importance of oral health among all populations, establishing a comprehensive dental public health infrastructure in California, advocating for policies and practices that improve oral health, eliminating barriers to care, and preventing disease. The website contains information on current oral health issues, programs, and legislation; news and events; products for public health dentistry; publications; and research. Topics include continuum of care, early intervention, fluoridation and fluoride varnish, health reform, needs assessment, oral health access, and school policy. It was formerly the Dental Health Foundation.

Keywords: Advocacy, California, Health promotion, Oral health, Public health infrastructure, Vulnerability, Young children

Docs for Tots

Annotation: Docs For Tots is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization formed to encourage more doctors to serve as active advocates for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers on the national, state, and local levels. Formed in 2003, Docs For Tots encourages and supports doctors in a concentrated effort to respond to the requests of child advocacy organizations and others to participate in advocating for policies and practices that improve the well-being of young children. The organization develops issue-specific talking points, presentations, and training and technical assistance materials for use by its network of participating doctors and provides links to child advocacy organizations across the country.

Keywords: Child advocacy, Health promotion, Infants, Physicians , Preschool children, Toddlers, Young children

Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (ECC CoIIN)

Annotation: The Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (ECCS CoIIN) is a five-year initiative that supports 12 states and their communities in an effort to enhance early childhood systems and demonstrate improved outcomes in population-based children’s developmental health and family well-being indicators.

Keywords: Child development, Collaboration, Community programs, Early childhood development, Model programs, Provider networks, Service delivery systems, Young children

Early Childhood Iowa

Annotation: Early Childhood Iowa (ECI) is a confederation or alliance of stakeholders in early care, health and education systems that affect children age 0 to 5 in the state of Iowa. The structure of ECI includes six system component groups that describe the necessary elements of an effective and comprehensive system involving governance, planning and administration; professional development; public engagement; quality services and programs; resources and funding; and results accountability.

Keywords: Advocacy, Child care, Child health, Early childhood education, Infants, Iowa, Iowa, State initiatives, Young children

Early Milestones Colorado

Annotation: Early Milestones Colorado is a nonprofit organization that advances success for young children by accelerating innovation, the use of best practices, and systemic change. It works to ensure that all children and families, especially those who have been historically marginalized, have access to the opportunities and resources needed to be valued, healthy, and thriving.

Keywords: Colorado, Early childhood development, State organizations, Young children

East Coast Migrant Head Start Project (ECMHSP)

Annotation: The East Coast Migrant Head Start Project (ECMHSP) is a private, non-profit agency that provides continuity of Head Start services to children of migrant farm workers on the east coast of the United States. ECMHSP serves children from birth to age 5 whose families quality based on the federal poverty income guidelines and the federal definitions of migrant and seasonal farm workers. ECMHSP prepares young children for educational success -- especially children of migrant and seasonal farm workers -- by providing holistic, high quality early childhood services for families in a nurturing, culturally sensitive environment.

Keywords: Young children, Head Start, Health services, Migrants

Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR)

Annotation: Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR), a national nonprofit organization founded in 1982, helps educators create safe, caring, respectful, and productive learning environments and also helps educators work with young people to develop the social skills, emotional competencies, and qualities of character they need to succeed in school and become contributing members of their communities. ESR also helps educators respond to local, national, and international crises related to interpersonal and systemic violence, intolerance, and global conflicts and war. Materials address all age groups from early childhood through grade 12.

Keywords: Adolescents, Character, Children, Education, Social learning, Social responsibility, Terrorism, Violence, Young children

Elsevier, Early Childhood Caries Resource Center

Annotation: Elsevier's Early Childhood Caries (ECC) Resource Center serves as a centralized clearinghouse where information about ECC can be shared among stakeholders and ignite collaborative strategies to help eradicate this most common disease of childhood and its accompanying co-morbidities. The website provides resources for advancing knowledge, treatment, and guidelines about ECC. Contents include scientific articles and information about programs or community lessons that have advanced the care or understanding of ECC. Resources include quarterly e-mail updates.

Keywords: Clearinghouses, Early childhood caries, Oral health, Young children

Every Child Succeeds (ECS)

Annotation: The Every Child Succeeds (ECS) program offers Greater Cincinnati first-time mothers and their families support to ensure an optimal start for their children. ECS is a collaborative evidence-based home visitation program that includes 14 provider agencies whose social workers, child development specialists and nurses provide services for first-time, at-risk mothers on a regular basis from the time of pregnancy until the child's third birthday.

Keywords: Community programs, Home visiting, Infants, Ohio, Parent education programs, Parent support programs, Young children

Federation for Children with Special Needs (FCSN)

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