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Center for Loss in Multiple Birth (CLIMB, Inc.)

Annotation: The Center for Loss in Multiple Birth (CLIMB, Inc.) is an organization of parents who have experienced the death of one or both twins (or higher multiple births) during pregnancy, birth, infancy, or childhood. The Center provides services to individuals in the U.S., Canada, and abroad which include referrals; a quarterly newsletter; an online discussion forum; a parent contact list; samples of birth/memorial announcements; a library; publications; and assistance to twins clubs, loss groups, authors, and researchers. Some materials are available in French, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian. Training seminars are sponsored upon request.

Keywords: Fetal death, Grief, Multiple births, Perinatal bereavement, Perinatal mortality, Pregnancy loss, Spontaneous abortion

Mothers of Supertwins (MOST)

Annotation: Mothers of Supertwins (MOST) is a national nonprofit organization founded in 1987 as a support network for families who have or are expecting triplets or higher numbers of babies. MOST provides information, education, resources, and support during pregnancy, infancy, and childhood. Services include a medical and educational advisory board, a quarterly journal, referrals for families with special needs, parenting packages for a variety of topics, and local networking within the U.S. A resource catalog is available.

Keywords: Child health, Infant health, Multiple births, Parenting, Triplets

National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs (NOMOTC)

Annotation: The National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc. (NOMOTC) is a support group for parents of twins and higher order multiples. It is a network of local clubs nationwide whose basic purposes are research and education. As such, NOMOTC’s focus is to support parents as they face the challenges or joys of raising multiple birth children. As a means of accomplishing that goal, NOMOTC has published support materials for mothers of multiples and continues to publish its news magazine, NOMOTC’s Notebook. NOMOTC provides specialized Support Services in the areas of Special Needs, Single Parenting, Higher Order Multiples, and Bereavement. NOMOTC also completes its own organizational research on selected issues, and maintains a bibliography of books related to parenting multiples. Selected materials are available in Spanish.

Keywords: Child health, Health education, Information services, Medical research, Multiple births, Parent groups, Twins

Triplet Connection

Annotation: The Triplet Connection is a not-for-profit organization that assists families who are preparing for multiple births or raising multiple babies, particularly triplets, quadruplets and higher-order multiples. It provides referrals and distributes information on promoting healthy pregnancies and reducing risks, caring for multiple babies at home, and sharing feelings and concerns with other families raising multiple babies. The organization has an advisory board of obstetricians, perinatologists, obstetric nurses, dietitians, and family therapists. Services include a quarterly magazine and information packets, workshops, an annual convention, online forums, and two publications, Exceptional Pregnancies, A Survival Guide to Parents Expecting Twins and Exceptional Pregnancies, A Survival Guide to Parents Expecting Triplets or More.

Keywords: Child health, Health promotion, Information dissemination, Listservs, Multiple births, Parenting, Support groups, Triplets

Twin Services Consulting (TSC)

Annotation: Twin Services Consulting is a service provided by Patricia Malmstrom, founder and director of the former non-profit agency, Twin Services, Inc. (TSI). Twin Services Consulting (TSC) offers e-mail referral to national multiple birth resources and consultation regarding program development. Its Web site offers free parenting education materials about twin care and development.

Keywords: Child health, California, Childbirth, Educational materials, Multiple births, Pregnancy, Referrals, Support groups, Technical assistance, Training, Triplets, Twins


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