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211 LA County

Annotation: 211 LA County provides access to a comprehensive range of human services to the people of Los Angeles County, California. It also provides access to the Taxonomy of Human Services, a classification system for indexing resources in information and referral databases that was developed by INFO LINE of Los Angeles, the predecessor to 211 LA County, and that is endorsed by the national association Alliance for Information and Referral Systems and United Way of America as the standard indexing system for the industry.

Keywords: California, Human services, Information systems, Local initiatives, Referrals

5p– Society (Five P Minus Society)

Annotation: The 5p– Society is a parent support organization for families of children with 5p– Syndrome (also known as Cri-du-Chat and Cat Cry Syndrome). The society's mission is to encourage and facilitate communication among families having a child with 5p–Syndrome and to spread the awareness and education of the syndrome to these families and their service providers. The society works with leading genetics and medical researchers to further research efforts, and holds an annual national meeting. Publications are available to consumers. Publications include the 5p– Newsletter.

Keywords: Cri du chat syndrome, Family support services, Information services, Parent groups, Support groups, Medical research

Academic Pediatric Association (APA)

Annotation: The Academic Pediatric Association (APA) is an organization of health care professionals that works to improve health care for children by conducting research, teaching, and formulating public policy. Publications include a newsletter, a series of guidelines for general pediatrics education of medical students and pediatric residents and a journal.

Keywords: Child health, Children, Consumer education, Guidelines, Health education, Health services, Information sources, Professional societies, Professional training, Public policy, Research, Teaching

Adoption Exchange Association (AED)

Annotation: The Adoption Exchange Association (AEA) provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and strategies, collaboration on issues of mutual interest, and increased effectiveness in using resources to provide waiting children permanent homes. AEA connects representatives of state, regional, and national adoption exchanges, including placement agencies, parents, child welfare professionals, and concerned citizens across the United States. The association has developed Standards for Adoption Exchanges, which can be ordered from the Web site, along with other materials exploring various aspects of the adoption process. AEA also offers information packets on children waiting for adoption and resources within individual states.

Keywords: Adoption, Agencies, Collaboration, Information networks, Information services, Standards

Alliance for Information and Referral Systems

Annotation: The Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) is a professional association of community information and referral providers. AIRS works to enhance the capacity of I&R providers to better serve their communities. The organization develops service standards, sponsors training conferences, produces publications (including a newsletter and a journal), and maintains an I&R clearinghouse.

Keywords: Information systems, Clearinghouses, Community based services, Referrals, Resources for professionals, Standards

Alzeimer's Association

Annotation: The Alzheimer's Association (formerly the Alzeimer's Disease and Related Disorders Association) works to conquer Alzheimer's disease, to increase public awareness of the disease, and to affect related policy decisions. The association's Library and Resource Center collects and disseminates educational materials, scientific journals, research reports, and other information in various formats (print, videotape, audiotape, microfilm, CD-ROM) for professionals in patient care, service delivery, policy development, and medical research. Publications include the quarterly Advances Newsletter. A publications catalog is available. Some publications are available in Spanish and Asian languages. ADRDA also provides referrals, and sponsors conferences and training seminars.

Keywords: Alzheimers disease, Information services

American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AAACN)

Annotation: The American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AAACN) is the association of professional nurses and associates who identify ambulatory care practice as essential to the continuum of high quality, cost-effective health care Their publications include ambulatory and telehealth standards, a Telehealth Nursing Practice Core Course, Guide to Ambulatory Competencies, an Annotated Staffing Bibliography, and Telehealth Resource Directory. Members receive a bi-monthly newsletter and choice of journals. AAACN holds an annual conference annually, usually in March or April.

Keywords: Primary care, Information services, Mobile health units, Nursing

American Association of Birth Centers (AABC)

Annotation: The American Association of Birth Centers (AABC) educates women and families about the birth center alternative, promotes standards for quality care through licensure and certification, and provides a forum for communication among birth centers. The association has a resource center of statistical information and publishes standards, reports, a membership directory, and audiovisual materials. Services to consumers include referrals. ABCC offers a multimedia Web site with information, stories, statistics and directories for all (clinicians and consumers). The association also publishes a newsletter and sponsors workshops and conferences. AABC was formerly called the National Association of Childbearing Centers (NACC).

Keywords: Childbirth, Birthing centers, Information services, Pregnancy, Statistics

American Association of Suicidology (AAS)

Annotation: The American Association of Suicidology (AAS) is a nonprofit organization that strives to understand and prevent suicide through research, public awareness programs, and education and training for professionals and volunteers. Members include mental health professionals, researchers, suicide prevention and crisis intervention centers, school districts, crisis center volunteers, and survivors of suicide. Services to consumers include referrals, publications, and reference information. Some materials are available in Spanish. AAS also maintains a listserv and develops public service announcements and pamphlets on suicide prevention, and members work with the media as consultants and participants in stories involving suicide-related issues. Publications include a bi-monthly journal, Suicide and Life-Threatening Behaviors; a quarterly newsletter, Newslink; a quarterly newsletter, Surviving Suicide; and conference proceedings.

Keywords: Suicide prevention, Attempted suicide, Crisis intervention, Health education, Information services, Mental health, Public awareness campaigns, Suicide, Training

American Association of the Deaf-Blind (AADB)

Annotation: The mission of the American Association of the Deaf-Blind (AADB) is to assure that a comprehensive, coordinated system of services is accessible to all deaf-blind persons enabling them to achieve their maximum potential through increased independence, productivity and integration into the community. Services to consumers include referrals, publications, and reference information. Some materials are available in large print, Braille, and on disk (MS Word).. AADB prints a quarterly magazine, The Deaf-Blind American. The organization also sponsors conferences.

Keywords: Advocacy, Civil rights, Deafness, Disabilities, Hearing disorders, Information services, Visually impaired, Youth services

American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD)

Annotation: The American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD) advances health promotion and wellness initiatives for children and adults with disabilities. AAHD accomplishes its mission through advocacy, education, public awareness, and research efforts at the federal, state, and community levels. The website contains the Health Promotion and Wellness Resource Center for People with Disabilities, which provides abstracts, best practices, data, links, fact sheets, presentations, and state resources on primary conditions, secondary conditions, and other health and disability-related topics. Additional content includes the Disability and Health Journal, news, initiatives, a public policy center, and membership and scholarship information.

Keywords: Disabilities, Access to health care, Advocacy, Education, Information dissemination, Intervention, Prevention services, Research

American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA)

Annotation: Services to consumers include physican referrals, information referrals, publications, and reference information. The Association publishes a quarterly newsletter, advocates for research, and sponsors public forums and scientific conferences.

Keywords: Immunologic diseases, Information services

American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA)

Annotation: The American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) provides publications which address brain tumors, their treatment, and coping with the disease; nationwide resource listings of brain tumor support groups and physicians offering investigative treatments;Connections pen-pal program; a national brain tumor symposium for patients and their families; and free social service consultations. ABTA also sponsors regional Town Hall meetings across the country which focus on state-of-the-art treatment options. ABTA funds brain tumor research at institutions throughout the United States and Canada. A tri-annual newsletter, the Message Line, describes those research advances as well as other ABTA activities. ABTA also publishes booklets.

Keywords: Brain diseases, Brain tumors, Cancer, Information services, Medical research

American Fertility Association (AFA)

Annotation: The American Fertility Association (AFA) works to serve the needs of men and women confronting infertility issues; to support families during struggles with infertility and adoption; to educate the public about reproductive disease; and to raise awareness and fight for social and legislative change around infertility issues. The AFA provides a range of services designed to help people gather information about medical treatments, options, coping techniques, legal and insurance issues, and other concerns. One of its goals is to help couples make informed decisions throughout the infertility process. The AFA's services focus around increasing awareness of the medical and social issues around reproductive health and infertility, as well as prevention efforts that target young people to help them make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive lives.

Keywords: Pregnancy, Adoption, Fertility, Infertility, Information services, Public awareness campaigns, Referrals, Reproduction, Reproductive health, Reproductive technologies, Support groups

American Humane Association, Children's Services (AHA)

Annotation: The Children's Services of the American Humane Association (AHA) ensures that effective child protective service systems are in place in every part of America. The association provides comprehensive training for professionals (social workers, physicians, teachers, law enforcement personnel, nurses, and judges), provides expert evaluation and technical assistance to community and statewide child protective programs, and promotes national standards for programs to protect children from abuse and neglect. Publications include professional resources for frontline workers, child welfare professionals, administrators, legislators, and the general public. Some materials are available in Spanish.

Keywords: Child abuse, Child neglect, Child protection agencies, Child protective services, Information services, Technical assistance, Training

American Indian Library Association (AILA)

Annotation: The American Indian Library Association (AILA) is a membership group that addresses the library-related needs of American Indians and Alaskan Natives. AILA was founded in 1979 in conjunction with the White House pre-conference on Indian library and information services on or near reservations. In 1985, AILA became an affiliate of the American Library Association. The assoiation publishes a newsletter, hosts a listservice, and sponsors conferences.

Keywords: Associations, American Indians, Information services, Libraries, Library services

American Institutes for Research (AIR)

Annotation: The American Institutes for Research conduct and apply the best behavioral and social science research and evaluation towards improving peoples’ lives, with a special emphasis on the disadvantaged. Within the United States and internationally, AIR produces improvements in education, health, and the workforce; addresses the needs of individuals, organizations, and communities; designs and advances statistical and research methods; helps practitioners and organizations to adopt evidence-based practices; and informs public understanding and policymaking by the best evidence. Topics include child welfare, cultural competence, families, juvenile justice, mental health, school violence prevention and intervention, and schools and special education.

Keywords: Collaboration, Evaluation, Information services, Listservs, Model programs, Program development, Public policy, Research

American Institutes for Research, Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice (CECP)

Annotation: The Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice (CECP) at the American Institutes for Research supports and promotes a reoriented national preparedness to foster the development and the adjustment of children with or at risk of developing serious emotional disturbance. To achieve that goal, the center has a policy of collaboration at federal, state, and local levels that contributes to and facilitates the production, exchange, and use of knowledge about effective practices. The center is funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Special Education Programs and receives additional support from the Center for Mental Health Services, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Topics covered by the center include child welfare, cultural competence, families, juvenile justice, mental health, school violence prevention and intervention, and schools and special education. The center provides publications, list service discussions, information about promising practices and prevention programs that work, and links to further information.

Keywords: Adolescent mental health, Affective disorders, Child mental health, Collaboration, Information services, Listservs, Model programs

American Library Association (ALA)

Annotation: The American Library Association (ALA) promotes public access to information and provides leadership for the development, promotion, and improvement of library and information services and the profession of librarianship as a whole. ALA provides a variety of resources, educational opportunities, and awards for distinguished service in the field, and advocates for the development of library programs and services that support continuous learning. ALA sponsors online discussion lists, maintains an online store, and publishes a variety of newsletters, journals, and magazines (most of which are available electronically). Membership is open to any person, library, or other organization interested in library service and librarianship.

Keywords: Libraries, Advocacy, Associations, Information services, Librarians, Library services, Professional education

American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR)

Annotation: The American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR) represents and assists private agencies that provide support and services to people with mental retardation and/or other disabilities. The network helps these agencies to appropriately meet the needs of the people they serve and to improve their quality of life. Services to families and people with disabilities include referrals, publications, and reference information. ANCOR publishes a newsletter and sponsors conferences and training seminars.

Keywords: Mental retardation, Disabilities, Information services, Support groups

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