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Strengthen the Evidence for Maternal and Child Health Programs

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Center for Progressive Reform

Annotation: The Center for Progressive Reform is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit research and educational organization working to protect health, safety, and the environment through analysis and commentary. CPR’s core issue areas are health, safety and the environment, addressing topics as: protecting the environment (including climate change, clean air and water, enforcement issues, environmental justice, toxins, the next generation of environmental policies, natural resources, wildlife and nature); defending clean science from political or corporate interference; ensuring food and drug safety; excessive secrecy in government (focused on areas affecting health, safety and the environment); regulatory policy (including cost-benefit analysis, risk assessment and various tools for weighing the merits of protective regulation); and corporate accountability and tort reform (including federal preemption of state tort laws).

Keywords: Advocacy, Environmental exposure, Environmental health, Food safety, Public health, Safety

Council for Biotechnology Information

Annotation: The Council for Biotechnology Information is a coalition of biotechnology companies that aims to create a public dialogue and share information about biotechnology that is based on scientific research, expert opinion, and published reports. The council provides public information through its Web site, consumer-oriented brochures and printed materials, advertising, and a toll-free number. Topics addressed include environmental protection, better nutrition, feeding the world's population, the delivery of medicines through food, and food safety.

Keywords: Biotechnology, Drug administration routes, Environment, Food safety, Food supply, Genetic engineering, Hunger, Nutrition

Healthy Meals Resource System

International Food Information Council Foundation (IFIC)

Annotation: The International Food Information Council (IFIC) is a nonprofit organization that serves as an information and educational resource on nutrition and food safety. IFIC provides science-based information to journalists, health professionals, government officials, and other opinion leaders who communicate with the public. Wherever possible, IFIC works in partnership with leading nutrition organizations. IFIC programs receive support from a broad base of food, beverage and agricultural companies. Services to consumers include referrals, publications and reference information. The council also publishes a newsletter. Some materials are available in Spanish. The foundation produces a Web site for children and parents called, which provides activities for children and information for parents to promote physical activity, exercise, and good eating.

Keywords: Consumer education materials, Exercise, Food safety, Materials for children, Nutrition, Physical activity

International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI)

Annotation: The International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) conducts and supports research on nutrition, toxicology, food safety, and environmental safety. Its divisions include the Human Nutrition Institute, Risk Science Institute, Health and Environmental Sciences Insitute, ILSI North America and ILSI Center for Health Promotion (Atlanta, GA). ILSI sponsors workshops, international conferences, and a research awards program, and produces publications including a catalog, newsletter, and journal. Services to consumers include referrals, inquiry responses, reference information, searchable databases, and publications. Some materials are available in Spanish, Asian, and other languages.

Keywords: Food safety, Nutrition research, Public health, Toxicology

National Food Service Management Institute (NFSMI)

Annotation: The National Food Service Management Institute (NFSMI), part of the School of Applied Science at The University of Mississippi, is a federally-funded national center dedicated to applied research, education and training, and technical assistance for child nutrition programs. NFSMI offers onsite training seminars and online courses designed to support the professional development of child nutrition program and child care personnel at all levels of responsibility. The Institute also delivers free training resources that managers can use to train their staff. The Applied Research Division conducts comprehensive, needs-based studies that focus on areas that directly impact the success of child nutrition programs. NFSMI also operates a Help Desk that provides a direct link to experts who can answer a wide range of questions on all aspects of child nutrition program management.

Keywords: Child nutrition, Food safety, Food service

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Annotation: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a federal agency that works to protect, promote and enhance the health of the American people. FDA is responsible for ensuring that: (1) foods are safe, wholesome and sanitary; human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices are safe and effective; cosmetics are safe; and electronic products that emit radiation are safe; (2) regulated products are honestly, accurately and informatively represented; and (3) these products are in compliance with the law and FDA regulations; noncompliance is identified and corrected; and any unsafe or unlawful products are removed from the marketplace.

Keywords: Health promotion, Drug education, Drugs, Federal programs, Food safety, Regulations, Spanish language materials

U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Office of Women's Health (FDA OWH)

Annotation: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Office of Women's Health (OWH) works to protect and advance the health of women through policy, science, and outreach and to advocate for participation of women in clinical trials. The website provides information on women's health topics, product recalls and alerts, science program outcomes, and related links.

Keywords: Health promotion, Drug education, Drugs, Federal agencies, Food safety, Regulations, Women's health

University of California, Berkeley, Center for Weight and Health

Annotation: The Center for Weight and Health at the University of California, Berkeley, promotes collaboration on projects and facilitates interaction among researchers, policy makers, community-based providers, and members of diverse communities who are concerned about weight, health, and food security. The center funds research and outreach projects; provides health and behavior survey data; and circulates information on nutrition, obesity, physical activity, and food security related programs, projects, tools, and materials. The Web site provides links to related resources; information on sources of funding; links to professionals in related fields; and a selection of published literature on nutrition, weight, and physical acitvity.

Keywords: Health promotion, Information sources, Nutrition, Data sources, Food safety, Obesity, Outreach, Overweight, Physical activity, Research, Weight management

USDA Healthy Meals Resource System


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