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Strengthen the Evidence for Maternal and Child Health Programs

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This list of organizations is drawn from the MCH Organizations Database. Contact information is the most recent known to the MCH Digital Library.

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Academy of General Dentistry (AGD)

Annotation: The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) serves the needs of general dentists, represents their interests, and fosters their continued proficiency through high-quality continuing dental education. The website features information about AGD's annual meeting and periodicals, AGD Impact and General Dentistry. Additional resources include (1) the SmileLine Online (Ask a Dentist) message board where consumers can post questions answered by a dentist within 24 hours; (2) the 1-877 2X-A-YEAR referral service and online directory of 35,000 member-dentists where consumers can find a dentist by city, state, or zip code, and (3) the SmileLine monthly e-newsletter. Information on selected oral health topics (for example, children's nutrition, dental sealants, choosing a dentist, and frequently asked questions about pediatric dentistry) is also provided.

Keywords: Dental care, Dental societies, Dentistry, Oral health

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD)

Annotation: The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) advocates for policies, guidelines, and programs that promote optimal oral health and oral health care for infants, children, and adolescents, including those with special health care needs (SHCNs). AAPD’s website contains guidelines and policy statements and issues of the journal, Pediatric Dentistry.

Keywords: American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Child health, Children with special health care needs, Consumer education, Education, Guidelines, Medical research, Oral health, Pediatric dentistry, Professional societies, Publications, Spanish language materials

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Dental Home Resource Center

American Dental Association, Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry (EBD)

Annotation: The Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry (EBD) assists practitioners and improves the oral health of the public. Activities include collaborating with others to enhance the evidence base and its integration in clinical practice; appraising and disseminating scientific evidence on oral health care; and helping health professionals understand and apply evidence in their clinical decision-making.

Keywords: Databases, Dentistry, Evidence based health care, Oral health, Research

American Dental Association, Council on Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations

American Dental Education Association (ADEA)

Annotation: The American Dental Education Association (ADEA), is a national organization representing academic dentistry and the community of dental educators. Its members include all U.S. and Canadian dental schools, advanced dental education programs, hospital dental education programs, allied dental education programs, corporations, faculty members, and students. The mission of ADEA is to lead the dental education community in addressing contemporary issues influencing education, research, and the health of the public. The association sponsors numerous conferences and training seminars. Services to consumers include publications and reference information. ADEA publishes a newsletter and a journal.

Keywords: Dental education, Dentistry, Oral health, Professional education

American Institute of Dental Public Health (AIDPH)

Anderson Center for Dental Care

Annotation: The Anderson Center for Dental Care comprises a collection of pediatric oral health care programs. The center was established in 1996 to improve the oral health of all children in San Diego County, California, and particularly those with early childhood caries (ECC), disabilities, or complex medical conditions. Services include community and professional education, advocacy, treatment, and research.

Keywords: Children, Health services delivery, Oral health, Pediatric dentistry

Dear Doctor

Annotation: Dear Doctor is a patient education company. It is the home of Dear Doctor--Dentistry & Oral Health, written by health care professionals for the education and well-being of the general public.

Keywords: Consumer education, Dentistry, Oral health

Dental Professional Advisory Committee (DePAC)

Annotation: The Dental Professional Advisory Committee (DEPAC) provids advice and consultation to the Surgeon General of the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) on issues related to professional practices and personnel activities of Civil Service and Commissioned Corps dentists. The DEPAC provides similar assistance to the USPHS Chief Dental Officer and, upon request, to USPHS dental program directors.

Keywords: Advisory committees, Federal programs, Oral health, Public health dentistry

National Dental Practice-Based Research Network (NDPBRN)

Annotation: The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network (NDPBRN) provides an opportunity for oral health professionals to propose or participate in research studies that address day-to-day issues in oral health care. The NDPBRN's headquarters at the University of Alabama at Birmingham serves as the national administrative hub that leads and oversees six regional research sites in Rochester, NY; Gainesville, FL; Birmingham, AL; Minneapolis, MN: San Antonio, TX; and Portland, OR. The website provides regional contact information; study highlights; and news, announcements, and participant interviews.

Keywords: Dentistry, Federal initiatives, Information networks, Oral health, Research, Resources for professionals

University of Iowa College of Dentistry, Department of Pediatric Dentistry

University of Washington School of Dentistry, Department of Pediatric Dentistry


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