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Cyberbullying Research Center

Annotation: The Cyberbullying Research Center provides information about the nature, extent, causes, and consequences of cyberbullying among adolescents. Cyberbullying can be defined as “Willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.” It is also known as “cyber bullying,” “electronic bullying,” “e-bullying,” “sms bullying,” “mobile bullying,” “online bullying,” “digital bullying,” or “Internet bullying.” The web site serves as a clearinghouse of information concerning the ways adolescents use and misuse technology. It is intended to be a resource for parents, educators, law enforcement officers, counselors, and others who work with youth. It contains facts, figures, and detailed stories from those who have been directly impacted by online aggression. In addition, the site includes numerous resources to help prevent and respond to cyberbullying incidents.

Keywords: Adolescent mental health, Adolescents, Adolescents, Aggression, Behavioral problems, Bullying, School violence, Technology, Telecommunications, Violence prevention

100 Percent Campaign

Annotation: The 100% Campaign, a collaborative effort of Children Now, Children's Defense Fund, and The Children's Partnership, with primary funding from The California Endowment, was created to ensure that all of California's children obtain the health coverage they need to grow up strong and healthy.

Keywords: Health insurance, Access to health care, Child health

211 LA County

Annotation: 211 LA County provides access to a comprehensive range of human services to the people of Los Angeles County, California. It also provides access to the Taxonomy of Human Services, a classification system for indexing resources in information and referral databases that was developed by INFO LINE of Los Angeles, the predecessor to 211 LA County, and that is endorsed by the national association Alliance for Information and Referral Systems and United Way of America as the standard indexing system for the industry.

Keywords: California, Human services, Information systems, Local initiatives, Referrals

4p– Support Group

Annotation: 4p– (or Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome) Support Group was founded in 1985 to help families affected by chromosome 4p deletion. Information is sent only to parents of affected children. Publications include a newsletter. The group sponsors biannual conferences and biannual regional gatherings.

Keywords: Chromosomal deletion, Chromosome 4, Parent groups

5p– Society (Five P Minus Society)

Annotation: The 5p– Society is a parent support organization for families of children with 5p– Syndrome (also known as Cri-du-Chat and Cat Cry Syndrome). The society's mission is to encourage and facilitate communication among families having a child with 5p–Syndrome and to spread the awareness and education of the syndrome to these families and their service providers. The society works with leading genetics and medical researchers to further research efforts, and holds an annual national meeting. Publications are available to consumers. Publications include the 5p– Newsletter.

Keywords: Cri du chat syndrome, Family support services, Information services, Parent groups, Support groups, Medical research

9to5, National Association of Working Women (9to5)

Annotation: 9 to 5 is a nationwide membership association of women office workers established in 1973 that promotes fair pay, career advancement, safer office automation, parental leaves and pensions, job dignity, and other issues of importance to working women. The association currently has 25 chapters and sponsors a summer conference, workshops, and seminars. 9 to 5 operates a toll-free Job Problems Hotline, (800) 522-0925, and publishes a newsletter, 9 to 5 Newsline, five times a year.

Keywords: Ethical/Legal Issues, Ethics, Hotlines, Maternity leave, Working women

A Healthy Start for Columbus

A Heartbreaking Choice

Annotation: A Heartbreaking Choice provides resources and support for expectant parents who have received a diagnosis that their unborn child has a serious fetal anomaly or other live-threatening health problem that makes it unlikely that the baby will survive and thrive. For those who have made the decision to end their pregnancy when faced with such a grim diagnosis, this organization provides support groups, an online discussion forum, a confidential list service, an online memorial for grieving parents, personal stories, and feature articles to help these parents cope with their loss.

Keywords: Congenital abnormalities, Fetal death, Grief, Perinatal bereavement, Perinatal mortality, Pregnancy loss, Support groups

A.T. Still University, Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety


Annotation: AARP, formerly the American Association of Retired Persons, serves people over age 50 by promoting their independence, purpose, and dignity through legislative advocacy, research, informative programs, and promoting community service. AARP has chapters in every state and over 2,500 local chapters. The association publishes AARP Magazine and the monthly AARP Bulletin. The AARP Web site provides online information, services and tools to help people 50+ get the most out of life. AARP's Web site offers information on a broad range of topics, including AARP's public policies, answers to financial planning questions, guidance on health and wellness, tips for coping with difficult life transitions, as well as opportunities to contact elected government officials, and participate in discussion groups and online courses. Publications on a variety of subjects such as health and fitness, financial and retirement planning, housing, and more are available free to both members and nonmembers. In addition to consumer education, AARP conducts and publishes research on aging issues and analyzes related national and state policies through its Public Policy Institute. AARP has a Research Information Center, which specializes in social gerontology, and an online database, AgeLine. AARP also produces "Prime Time Radio," a weekly interview program focusing on the interests of people 40 and over, and "Mature Focus Radio," which offers daily brief discussions on topics of interest to older people. Other broadcast activities include radio features in English and Spanish, educational documentaries and TV video news releases. AARP programs include: AARP Independent Living/Long-Term Care/End-of-Life Issue, AARP Driver Safety Program, Tax Aide, Senior Community Service Employment Program, and Volunteering. Some publications are also available in Spanish.

Keywords: Aging, Retirement

AASA, The School Superintendents' Association (AASA)

Annotation: The American Association of School Administrators (AASA), founded in 1865, is a professional organization for educational leaders inAmerica and many other countries. AASA's mission is to support and develop effective school system leaders who are dedicated to quality public education for all children. AASA brings together administrators of school systems and educational service agencies, school district superintendents, placement officers, directors and administrators of education associations, heads of private schools, college deans and educational administration professors, and central, building, and service unit administrators. The association sponsors annual professional development through conferences. Publications include The Leader's Edge (delivered electronically) and The School Administrator, a monthly magazine

Keywords: School health, Adolescents, Children, Education

Abbott Laboratories

Annotation: Abbott Laboratories is an American multinational medical devices and health care company. In 1964, it merged with Ross Laboratories, making Ross a wholly owned subsidiary of Abbott.

ABC for Health (ABC for Health)

Annotation: ABC for Health (Advocacy and Benefits Counseling for Health) is a Wisconsin-based nonprofit public interest law firm dedicated to ensuring health care access for children and families, particularly those with special needs or who are at risk. ABC for Health's mission is to provide health care consumers with the information, advocacy tools, legal services, and expert support they need to navigate through America's health care financing system.

Keywords: Access to health care, Advocacy, Children with special health care needs, Health care financing, Legal issues, State organizations, Wisconsin


Aberdeen Area Indian Health Service

Ability Society of Alberta

Annotation: The Ability Society of Alberta is committed to enhancing the lives of persons with any type of disability by providing information, education, and access to advance technology. The Society provides innovative, appropriate, and needed technical aids to individuals with any type of disability, seniors, their families, and support systems. All equipment and resources at the Ability Society are available to test in house or borrow on a short-term basis. Services to consumers include reference information and referrals. The Society also sponsors training seminars and workshops.

Keywords: Special health care needs

ABIM Foundation

About Face

Annotation: AboutFace is an international organization providing information services, educational programs, and emotional networking support to individuals with facial disfigurements and their families. Membership includes children, adults, and families affected by facial differences, health care and social service providers, dental professionals, and educators. Publications include a bimonthly newsletter, brochures and booklets on medical conditions, treatment issues/plans and socialization issues etc., and a series of educational programs for elementary schools.

Keywords: Apert syndrome, Cleft lip, Cleft palate, Congenital port wine stain, Craniofacial abnormalities, Crouzon syndrome, Goldenhar syndrome, Naevus flammeus

About Special Kids (ASK)

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