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Strengthening the evidence for maternal and child health programs

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Oregon Health Authority, Oral Health Program. 2014. Brush two minutes twice a day! Keep a healthy grin!. [Portland, OR]: Oregon Health Authority, Oral Health Program, 17 pp.

Annotation: This calendar is designed to assist parents and others in helping children maintain good oral health by tracking the number of times they brush their teeth with fluoridated toothpaste each day and the amount of time they spend brushing. Contents include information on how to brush and the role of dental sealants, flossing, and fluorides in preventing tooth decay. Tips on healthy eating and using mouthguards to prevent oral injuries are also included. The calendar is available in Arabic, English, Hmong, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Somali, and Vietnamese.

Contact: Oregon Health Authority, Oral Health Program, 800 N.E. Oregon Street, Suite 850, Portland, OR 97232, Telephone: (971) 673-0348 Secondary Telephone: (971) 673-0372 Fax: (971) 673-0240 E-mail: Web Site: Available from the website.

Keywords: Children, Consumer education materials, Disease prevention, Non English languages, Oral health, Oral hygiene, Spanish language materials

Kaiser Permanente. 2014. Protect your child's smile: Fluoride varnish for young children. Oakland, CA: Kaiser Permanente, 2 pp. (Health education)

Annotation: This fact sheet for parents and other caregivers provides tips on oral hygiene and oral health care for infants and young children, including information about taking them to the dentist by age 1 and protecting their teeth with fluoride varnish. Topics include toothbrushing with fluoridated toothpaste; nutrition; how fluoride varnish is applied; and what to expect and what to do before and after fluoride varnish treatment. The fact sheet is available in English on one side and in Chinese or Spanish on the other side.

Contact: Kaiser Permanente, One Kaiser Plaza, 19th Floor, Oakland, CA 94612, Telephone: (415) 987-2223 Secondary Telephone: (800) 556-7677 Web Site: Available from the website.

Keywords: Children, Dental care, Disease prevention, Fluorides, Health literacy, Non English languages, Nutrition, Oral health, Oral hygiene, Preventive health services

Michigan Department of Community Health, Oral Health Program. [2011]. Seal! Michigan dental sealant program: Developing healthy smiles. Lansing, MI: Michigan Department of Community Health, Oral Health Program, 2 pp.

Annotation: This brochure outlines a dental sealant program for young children in Michigan. It explains what dental sealants are, how they are applied, which teeth should be sealed, tooth decay and prevention, and costs related to sealants. The brochure is available in English, Spanish, and Arabic. [Funded in part by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau]

Contact: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Capitol View Building, 201 Townsend Street, Lansing, MI 48913, Telephone: (517) 373-3740 Web Site: Available from the website.

Keywords: Brochures, Dental sealants, Michigan, Non English languages, Oral health, State programs, Young children

Boston Children's Hospital, Computational Epidemiology Group, Informatics Program. HealthMap. Boston, MA: Boston Children's Hospital,

Annotation: This website (HealthMap) and mobile app (Outbreaks Near Me) deliver real-time intelligence on a broad range of emerging infectious diseases for a diverse audience. HealthMap brings together disparate data sources, including online news aggregators, eyewitness reports, expert-curated discussions and validated official reports, to achieve a unified and comprehensive view of the current global state of infectious diseases and their effect on human and animal health. Through an automated process, updating 24/7/365, the system monitors, organizes, integrates, filters, visualizes and disseminates online information about emerging diseases, facilitating early detection of global public health threats. It is available in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

Contact: Boston Children's Hospital, Computational Epidemiology Group, 1 Autumn Street, 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02215, Available from the website.

Keywords: Infectious diseases, Integrated information systems, Monitoring, Multimedia, Non English languages, Population surveillance, Public health, Spanish language materials


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