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Strengthen the Evidence for Maternal and Child Health Programs

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Items in this list may be obtained from the sources cited. Contact information reflects the most current data about the source that has been provided to the MCH Digital Library.

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European Union. 2013. EuroVoc: Multilingual thesaurus of the European Union. Luxembourg, Belgium: European Union,

Annotation: This site presents a multilingual/ multidisciplinary thesaurus covering the activities of the European Union, the European Parliament in particular. It contains terms in 22 EU languages (Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish), plus Croatian and Serbian. The site provides ways to view content of the thesaurus by searching, browsing, and downloading. It includes a form to suggest changes to the thesaurus.

Keywords: Government agencies, International organizations, Thesauri

White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. [2011]. Partnerships for the common good: A partnership guide for faith-based and neighborhood organizations. Washington, DC: White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, 71 pp.

Annotation: This guide. which is geared toward local faith and community leaders, presents opportunities to form partnerships with Centers for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships across government, as well as information about how to apply for federal grants and access capacity-building resources. The guide addresses the following issue areas: adoption, disasters, education, responsible fatherhood, environmentally friendly buildings, healthy children and families, housing opportunities, hunger and nutrition, international relief and development, jobs, veterans and military families, and volunteerism.

Contact: White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, Telephone: (202) 456-3394 E-mail: Web Site: Available from the website.

Keywords: Adoption, Child health, Collaboration, Communities, Disaster planning, Education, Employment, Environment, Families, Fathers, Federal programs, Grants, Housing, Hunger, International health, Manuals, Military, Nutrition, Religious organizations, Volunteers

Center for Reproductive Rights. 2008. Bringing rights to bear: Preventing maternal mortality and ensuring safe pregnancy—Government duties to ensure pregnant women's survival and health. [New York, NY]: Center for Reproductive Rights, 35 pp. (Briefing paper)

Annotation: This paper examines standards developed by six United Nations committees concerning a woman's right to a safe pregnancy and childbirth, and summarizes the actions of the committees regarding these standards.

Contact: Center for Reproductive Rights , 120 Wall Street , New York, NY 10005, Telephone: (917) 637-3600 Fax: (917) 637-3666 E-mail: Web Site: Available from the website.

Keywords: Childbirth, Children's rights, International organizations, International programs, Pregnancy, Reproductive health, Reproductive rights, Women's rights

National SIDS/Infant Death Resource Center. 2007. International SIDS/Infant death program highlights. McLean, VA: National SIDS/Infant Death Resource Center, 10 pp.

Annotation: This booklet highlights the services and research activities of 9 member countries of SIDS International (and one non-member country, Ireland). Programs listed are (1) Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (CFSID), (2) SIDS and KIDS/National SIDS Council of Australia, (3) Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths-UK (FSID), (4) SIDS Family Association of Japan (SIDSFAJ), (5) Irish Sudden Infant Death Association (ISIDA), (6) Scottish Cot Death Trust, (7) SIDS International (SIDSI), (8) International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA), and (9) the International Society for the Study and Prevention of Infant Death (ISPID). Information is provided for each of the programs including a short description, projects and activities, and contact information. Additional information is provided for other members of SIDS International and other international contacts. [Funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau]

Contact: Maternal and Child Health Library at Georgetown University, Telephone: (202) 784-9770 E-mail: Web Site: Available from the website.

Keywords: Australia, Canada, International organizations, International programs, Ireland, Japan, Program descriptions, SIDS, Scotland, United Kingdom

Greenspan S., Shanker SG. 2002. Toward a psychology of global interdependency: A framework for international collaboration. Bethesda, MD: Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders, Council on Human Developmen, 70 pp. (Council on Human Development monographs)

Annotation: This monograph seeks to formulate a psychology of interdependency that will characterize the elements of personal and social organization to help readers understand and prepare for a rapidly advancing interdependent future, particularly in the wake of the terrorist actions on September 11, 2001. Section topics include the different ways groups and nations meet their basic needs; the group processes that will be required to cope with the newly defined unit of survival, "the global group"; the paradigm shift required for understanding human behaviors that will enable individuals to move from deterministic thinking to interdependent, dynamic approaches; and the policies that will be needed to enable families and communities to participate in global interdependency adaptively, rather than destructively.

Contact: Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders, 4938 Hampden Lane, Suite 800, Bethesda, MD 20814, Telephone: (301) 656-2667 Web Site: $19.00, plus shipping and handling.

Keywords: Behavioral sciences, Collaboration, Group dynamics, International organizations, Social interaction

International Step by Step Association. 2001-. Educating children for democracy. Amsterdam, Netherlands: International Step by Step Association, semiannual.

Annotation: This journal is intended for teachers and faculty who instruct preschool and/or primary school teachers, and other educational professionals interested in child-centered teaching methods. With articles based on the experiences of countries in transition, the journal emphasizes change and educational transformation. It publishes articles on the challenges, confronting all democracies, of providing educational experiences necessary to the continuation of open and free societies. It is published semi-annually in English (in print and on-line) and Russian (on-line only).

Contact: International Step by Step Association, Keizersgracht 62-64, Amsterdam, Netherlands 1015 CS, Telephone: 31 (0) 20-520-7505 Fax: 31 (0) 20-520-7510 E-mail: Web Site: Available at no charge to members, annual subscription $30 for others.

Keywords: Children, Communities, Early childhood development, Early childhood education, Families, International organizations, Non English language materials, Schools

Queenan JT, Labbok MH, Krasovec K, eds. 1990. Breastfeeding policy: The role of U.S.-based international organizations. Washington, DC: Institute for International Studies in Natural Family Planning, 29 pp. (Institute issues report; 5)

Annotation: This publication includes five papers presented at the 1989 annual meeting of the National Council for International Health in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at a panel presentation concerning the international promotion of breastfeeding. The papers are followed by a response and a summary of the meeting's concluding discussion. Breastfeeding is discussed as a means of reducing the incidence of diarrheal diseases, improving nutrition, and improving the effectiveness birth spacing as a family planning practice, especially in developing countries. The Agency for International Development paper includes excerpts of official AID policy and strategy statements. Some of the papers include references.

Contact: Georgetown University, Institute for Reproductive Health, , 1825 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. , Washington, DC 20009, Telephone: (202) 687-1392 Fax: (202) 687-7450 E-mail: Web Site: Available at no charge.

Keywords: Agency for International Development, Breastfeeding, Family planning, International organizations, Nutrition, Oral rehydration therapy, Policy analysis, Program evaluation

U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration. 1985. Special issue: Maternal and child health anniversary. Health Resources and Services Administration Chronicle. 12(2):1-12. August 1985,

Annotation: This issue of the "Health Resources and Services Administration Chronicle" celebrates the achievements of maternal and child health since the children's programs that came into being with the Social Security Act of 1935. Several topics are highlighted: the Block Grant to the States (1981); nutrition and breastfeeding; adolescent health; UNICEF; chronically ill children; and early intervention services. There is also a brief history of maternal and child health federal programming since the inception of the Children's Bureau in 1912.

Contact: Maternal and Child Health Library at Georgetown University, Telephone: (202) 784-9770 E-mail: Web Site: Photocopy available at no charge. Document Number: HRSA Info. Ctr. MCHB184.

Keywords: Adolescent health, Anniversaries, Breastfeeding, Child health, Chronic illnesses and disabilities, Early intervention services, Federal grants, History, International organizations, Maternal health

U.S. Children's Bureau. 1920. Child welfare programs: Study outlines for the use of clubs and classes. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office, 35 pp. (Bureau publication; no. 73; Children's year follow-up series; no. 7)

Annotation: This publication provides study guides for child welfare programs on infant mortality, children in industry, recreation, and children in need of special care. It also includes program guides with suggested reading on the topics of the community and the child; child welfare in rural communities; and the care of the mother, baby, and young child. It is a publication of the U.S. Department of Labor, Children's Bureau.

Contact: Maternal and Child Health Library at Georgetown University, Telephone: (202) 784-9770 E-mail: Web Site: Available from the website.

Keywords: Child labor, Child welfare, Children with special health care needs, Community organizations, Infant mortality, International programs, MCH programs, Rural environment, Training materials

Mandl PE, ed. A child survival and development revolution. Assignment Children. 61/62:1-303. anuary 1983,

Annotation: This issue of "Assignment Children" is devoted to the potentialities of some low-cost interventions accelerating child survival and child development. It contains seventeen articles on issues such as breast feeding, oral rehydration therapy, and immunization in developing countries.

Contact: UNICEF, Assignment Children, Villa Le Bocage, Palais des Nations, 1211 Geneve 10, Geneva, Switzerland Telephone: 41-22-909-5111 Fax: 41-22-909-5900 Price unknown.

Keywords: Developing countries, International organizations, Public health programs, Public health services

U.S. Children's Bureau. Anniversary issue: Sixty years of service to children–Children's Bureau: 1912-1972. Children Today. 1(2):1-40. March-April 1972,

Annotation: This special issues commemorates the 60th anniversary of the Children's Bureau. The history of the Bureau of reviewed along with its accomplishments. A history of child welfare since 1912 is also included. The contents also discuss UNICEF, working children and youth, parent and child centers, youth as advocates, research and advocacy, community needs assessment, and components of a child advocacy program. [Funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau]

Contact: Maternal and Child Health Library at Georgetown University, Telephone: (202) 784-9770 E-mail: Web Site: Available from the website. Document Number: DHEW (OCD) 72-14.

Keywords: Advocacy, Anniversaries, Assessment, Child advocacy, Child labor, Child welfare, Children's Bureau, History, International health, International organizations, Public health


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