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Strengthening the evidence for maternal and child health programs

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Elshtain JB. 2002. Jane Addams and the dream of American democracy: A life. New York, NY: Basic Books, 329 pp.

Annotation: This book is a biography of Jane Addams (1880-1935) -- a public intellectual who focused on issues of concern to mothers and children, including public health, women's suffrage, child labor, and the importance of play in the lives of children and youth. It describes how Addams' background influenced her social service work; how she founded Hull House -- a social settlement house in Chicago for recent immigrants of European descent -- and how her philosophy and life's work had a lasting impact on American culture. The book includes a list of major accomplishments of Hull House.

Contact: Basic Books, Perseus Books Group, 387 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016, Telephone: (212) 340-8164 E-mail: Web Site: $17.82, plus shipping and handling. Document Number: ISBN 978-0-0465-01913-7.

Keywords: Biographies, Children, Cultural sensitivity, Feminism, History, Immigrants, Mothers, Public health services, Social change, Social conditions

Denton MA, Hadjukowski-Ahmed M, O'Connor M, Zeytinoglu IU, eds. 1999. Women's voices in health promotion. Toronto, ON: Canadian Scholars' Press, 317 pp.

Annotation: This book focuses on women's health promotion in five areas: recognition of women's voices and perspectives on theoretical and methodological implications in medical research; women workers in health and social services agencies; women with disabilities; immigrant, refugee, and minority women; and women's issues across the lifespan. Topics include research in promoting women's health issues and treatment, by applying a feminist participatory framework within academic communities nationwide. Topics include medical, social and cultural factors encountered by women across social, ethnic, and economic level in society and the workforce.

Contact: Canadian Scholars' Press Inc., 180 Bloor Street West, Suite 801, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 2V6, Telephone: (416) 929-2774 E-mail: Web Site: Available in libraries. Document Number: ISBN 1-55130-152-0.

Keywords: Breast cancer, Case studies, Consumer education materials, Cultural factors, Disabilities, Feminism, Health promotion, Homosexuality, Legal issues, Life cycle, Mental health, Skin cancer, Social factors, Sun exposure, Violence, Women's health, Working women

Candib LM. 1995. Medicine and the family: A feminist perspective. New York, NY: Basic Books, 360 pp. (Families and health series)

Annotation: This book examines factors that affect the delivery of health services to women and children; it considers biases that have influenced the perceptions of the typically male practitioners in the medical profession. It offers a feminist perspective of health services and of the assumptions that affect the education of family practitioners. The book explores how these assumptions affect infant and child development, women's adult development, the family life cycle, violence against women, and incest and sexual abuse; the following factors affecting the doctor-patient relationship are also explored: the relationship as contract, bases of knowledge in medicine, the role of the doctor, caring, and power.

Keywords: Children, Development, Education, Family centered services, Feminism, Health professionals, Health services, Social discrimination, Women

Harding S. 1991. Whose science? Whose knowledge?: Thinking from women's lives. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 319 pp.

Annotation: This book gives an analysis of feminist criticisms of science, technology, and epistemology. Two themes are pursued throughout the book: that we need a more complex understanding of how the development of Western sciences and models of knowledge are embedded in and have advanced the development of Western society, and that feminism must become capable of influencing other liberation movements.

Contact: Cornell University Press, Sage House, 512 East State Street P.O. Box 250, Ithaca, NY 14853, Telephone: (607) 277-2211 Fax: (607) 277-6292 Web Site: Available in libraries.

Keywords: Feminism, Knowledge, Science, Social factors, Women


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