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Strengthen the Evidence for Maternal and Child Health Programs

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Rural Assistance Center. 2015. Community health workers toolkit. Grand Forks, ND: Rural Assistance Center, multiple items.

Annotation: This toolkit contains eight modules that provide information and resources for developing a community health worker (CHW) program. Topics include an overview of CHWs and their roles, CHW program models, training approaches, program implementation, planning for sustainability, measuring program impacts, disseminating best practices, and successful programs.

Contact: Rural Health Information Hub, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, 501 North Columbia Road Stop 9037, Room 4520, Grand Forks, ND 58202-9037, Telephone: (800) 270-1898 E-mail: Web Site: Available from the website.

Keywords: Community health, Community health advisors, Community health aides, Information dissemination, Model programs, Program development, Program evaluation, Sustainability, Training

Watkins E. 1988 (ca.). Improving the Health of Migrant Mothers and Children [Final report]. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 80 pp.

Annotation: This project aimed to improve the health and nutrition status of migrant farmworker women and their children under 5 years of age who received services at the Tri-County Community Health Center. The major ethnic groups comprising the clinic population were Hispanic, black, Haitian, and Caucasian. A multicisciplinary staff developed collaborative efforts with other agencies, provided birth coaching and breastfeeding classes, and recruited lay health advisors representing the several ethnic groups within the migrant population. Data collection systems and MCH protocols were also developed. [Funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau]

Contact: National Technical Information Service, U.S. Department of Commerce, 5301 Shawnee Road, Alexandria, VA 22312, Telephone: (703) 605-6050 Secondary Telephone: (888) 584-8332 E-mail: Web Site: Document Number: NTIS PB92-103365.

Keywords: Barriers to Health Care, Bilingual, BlacksHaitians, Breastfeeding, Community Health Centers, Data Collection, Head Start, Health Advisors, High risk groups, Hispanics, Immunization, Infant Mortality, Infections, Lay, Low Birthweight, Low income groups, Migrant Health Centers, Migrant Women, Migrant Women, Mothers, Nutrition, Outreach, Pregnant Women, Prenatal Care, Social Work Services


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