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Strengthen the Evidence for Maternal and Child Health Programs

Adolescent Pregnancy and Parents - Organizations

Adolescent Pregnancy and Parents

Annotated Lists of Organizations on Key Topics in Maternal and Child Health

This list of 35 organizations is drawn from the MCH Organizations online database. Contact information is the most recent known to the MCH Digital Library. To identify additional materials on this topic, search the Organizations database using our online search form.

The MCH Organizations Database lists government, professional, and voluntary organizations involved in maternal and child health activities, primarily at a national level. Information available to consumers is indicated where known.

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Advocates for Youth (AFY)

Annotation: Advocates for Youth is dedicated to creating programs and advocating for policies that help young people make informed and responsible decisions about their reproductive and sexual health. Advocates provides information, training, and strategic assistance to youth-serving organizations, policy makers, youth activists, and the media in the United States and the developing world. Advocates publishes newsletters, as well as provider- and consumer-oriented publications on adolescent reproductive health. A publications catalog is available. Some materials are available in French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Keywords: Adolescent pregnancy, Adolescents, Decision making skills, Information sources, Life skills, Peer education, Programs, Publications, Reproductive health, Sexual behavior, Sexuality education, Spanish language materials, Women


Annotation: Answer at Rutgers University, formerly the Network for Family Life Education, specializes in training adults to deliver effective sexuality-education programs to children and youth. It provides resources, advocacy, training and technical assistance in support of age-appropriate, balanced, comprehensive sexuality education. Answer's Web site, Sex, Etc., is about teens for teens, and covers girls' health; guys' health; sex; love and relationships; gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, questioning, and intersex youth; deciding about sex; birth control and condoms; sexually transmitted diseases; pregnancy; teen parenting; abortion; adoption; emotional health; abuse and violence; body image; and alcohol and drugs.

Keywords: Adolescent pregnancy prevention, Sexuality education

Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP)

Birthing Project USA

Annotation: The Birthing Project USA is a national, community based, African American maternal and child health project that has been replicated in over 70 communities. The project provides training and support to women and organizations who are interested in starting a project in their communities; helps local projects identify and obtain necessary resources; and sponsors an annual training and networking conference. The project pairs male and female mentors (sister friends and brother friends) with expectant parents and parents of children up to one year old. The project also has three e-mail based groups that allow members, staff, participants, and supporters to connect with each other. It also provides a list of model programs.

Keywords: Blacks, Community programs, Mentors, Pregnant adolescents, Support groups

Blue Apple Players

Annotation: Blue Apple Players is dedicated to producing musicals, plays, and multi-media presentations for young people and families. With an emphasis on original works, and reaching across social, economic, and geographical boundaries, Blue Apple productions strive to educate, inspire, and entertain, teaching life lessons such as acceptance, patience, honesty, and perseverance. Each year, Blue Apple Players mounts up to four stage productions which tour throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, Virginia and West Virginia. Each production is built on school curriculum. Blue Apple Players also has videos available to the public such as No More Secrets that addresses child sexual abuse, and Stop the Violence.

Keywords: Adolescents, Education, Family planning, Health education, Public awareness, Public education, Public health

Camp Fire USA

Annotation: Camp Fire USA, with national headquarters in Kansas City, Mo., provides coeducational programming for more than 670,000 participants annually, through 120 councils in 40 states and the District of Columbia. As a not-for-profit organization, Camp Fire provides programs that include mentoring opportunities through community clubs and environmental education through direct child care services. Other innovative activities include an in-school, community-service curriculum, gang peace programs, pregnancy prevention programs, and a course that teaches teens to provide respite care for children with disabilities. Publications include a catalog and newsletter. Some materials are available in Spanish. The organization sponsors some conferences and training seminars.

Keywords: Advocacy, Curricula, Mentors, Peer education, Peer support programs

Child Trends

Annotation: Child Trends is a nonprofit research organization that works to improve the lives and prospects of children and youth through high-quality research. Clients include researchers, policymakers, funders, and practitioners. Services include high-level analyses and helping organizations make their direct services more effective. Resources include indicators of children's well-being, a searchable database of evaluated programs serving children and youth and research based on those evaluations, and a national knowledge center providing insight on U.S. Latino children and families. Child Trends also hosts a newsroom and blog.

Keywords: Adolescent health, Adolescent pregnancy, Child health, Community programs, Data analysis, Data collection, Family relations, Health statistics, Information sources, Model programs, Program descriptions, Research, Statistical analysis

Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)

Annotation: The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) brings together public and private nonprofit voluntary child welfare agencies in efforts to advance policies, best practices, and collaborative strategies that result in better outcomes for vulnerable children, youth, and families. The league sets internationally recognized standards for child welfare practice; proposes public policy initiatives; offers consultation, training, and technical assistance for member agencies; and provides reference information, publications, and referrals for consumers. Areas of concern include adolescent pregnancy and parenting, adoption, AIDS, chemical dependency, child abuse and neglect, child care, child poverty, cultural competence, developmental disabilities, foster care, family preservation, homelessness, juvenile justice, kinship care, and residential group care. Publications include the Children's Voice magazine, Child Welfare Journal, Child Welfare Standards of Excellence, and the PRIDE training curriculum, along with hundreds of books.

Keywords: Adolescent pregnancy, Adoption, Child abuse, Child care, Child health, Child neglect, Child welfare, Foster care, Nonprofit organizations, AIDS,

Children's Aid Society, Carrera Adolescent Sexuality and Pregnancy Prevention Program

Annotation: The Children's Aid Society (CAS) Carrera Adolescent Sexuality and Pregnancy Prevention Program (developed under the direction of the Bernice and Milton Stern National Adolescent Sexuality Training Center) serves as a primary pregnancy prevention model that uses a holistic aproach to help adolescents develop personal goals while increasing their sexual literacy and knowledge about the consequences of sexual activity. The program, which has been replicated across in states across the country, emphasizes the importance of education and employment. The Web site provides links to additional resources on sexuality education and adolescentr pregnancy prevention.

Keywords: Adolescent pregnancy, Family relations, Parent education, Sexuality education

Children's Defense Fund (CDF)

Annotation: The Children's Defense Fund (CDF) is a research and advocacy group for children and youth. It gathers data and disseminates information on key issues affecting children and adolescents, including development and implementation of federal and state policies. CDF provides information, technical assistance, and support to a network of state and local child advocates, service providers, and public and private sector officials and leaders. Initiatives have included adolescent pregnancy prevention programs, prenatal care campaigns, universal immunization programs, promotion of the Head Start program, and the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Publications include a monthly newsletter, CDF Reports. A publications list is available. CDF also coordinates the Black Community Crusade for Children, an effort to strengthen black community support for children, and publishes a newsletter of Crusade activities, Necessary. In addition, it coordinates the Student Heath Outreach (SHOUT) project, a student-run project whose goal is to reach all eligible children and sign them up for health insurance by engaging students, as well as school administrators, in the effort to spread the word about Medicaid and CHIP.

Keywords: Child health, Adolescent pregnancy, Blacks, Child advocacy, Child care, Child safety, Children, Data collection, Homeless persons, Infant mortality, Legislation, Minority groups, Prenatal care, State children', Statistics, s heatlh insurance program

Do It Now Foundation (DIN)

Annotation: Do It Now (DIN) Foundation is a national, nonprofit educational foundation working to provide adolescents and their families with timely, accurate information on a range of behavioral health issues, including alcohol and alcoholism, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, drug use and abuse, parenting, eating disorders, suicide, and stress. Publications include pamphlets, booklets, books, reports, and posters. A publications catalog is available. Some publications are available in Spanish, Italian, French, German, and other languages. The DIN Web site is written for adolescents.

Keywords: Adolescent health, Depression, Eating disorders, Mental health, Rape, Sexually transmitted diseases, Substance abuse, Suicide

ETR Associates (ETR)

Annotation: ETR Associates is a private, nonprofit health education organization and publisher of health education materials. It develops and distributes maternal and child health pamphlets, booklets, videos, and charts, including more than 46 pamphlets on pregnancy and childbirth. Other topics include family life education, abstinence, birth control, reproductive health, sexual responsibility, self-esteem, drug use, and sexually transmitted disease. Publications include two baby care booklets in both English and Spanish; the Have a Healthy Baby bilingual pamphlet series,which is an innovative bilingual approach to prenatal education, with English on one side and Spanish on the reverse; a pamphlet on fetal alcohol syndrome; a series of Kid Care pamphlets for parents and caregivers of children ages 2 to 5; and illustrated childbirth charts and displays. A publication catalog is available.

Keywords: Adolescents, Reproductive health, Sexually transmitted diseases

Eunice Kennedy Schriver National Center for Community of Caring

Annotation: The Eunice Kennedy Schriver National Center for Community of Caring is a K-12, whole-school, comprehensive character education program designed to create a positive learning environment where all students, including those with intellectual and physical disabilities, are respected, challenged to grow morally, taught to make healthy life decisions, and encouraged to participate in every aspect of school life. Through this, the program addresses destructive attitudes that lead to substance abuse, teen pregnancy, , and dropping out of school. The program includes (1) training teachers and other staff, (2) incorporating the values of caring, respect, responsibility, trust, and family into all curricular areas, (3) conducting student forums on issues vital to young people, (4) involving the family and community more fully in school life, and (5) providing opportunities for students to plan and carry out community service projects. The program sponsors a national conference and publishes a newsletter and training materials. It was founded by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver and the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation.

Keywords: Adolescent pregnancy, Character, Community programs, Mental retardation, Moral values, Prevention programs, Social values, Special health care needs

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

Annotation: Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a national student organization that helps young men and women become leaders and address important personal, family, work, and societal issues through family and consumer sciences education. More than 225,000 members in chapters across the country participate in projects that focus on youth concerns such as teen pregnancy, parenting, family relationships, substance abuse, peer pressure, the environment, nutrition and fitness, teen violence and career exploration. FCCLA sponsors conferences, workshops, and training seminars, and provides curricula, books for adult leaders and adolescents, other educational materials (these can be purchased from the online store).

Keywords: Home economics, Adolescents, Consumer education

Girls Incorporated

Annotation: Girls Incorporated has developed several programs and curricula to promote the health of girls and young women, including Friendly PEERsuasion and Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy. Programs may be licensed to youth-serving agencies. The Girls Incorporated National Resource Center furnishes research materials to organizations, individuals, and the media. The resource center is located at 441 West Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202; (317) 634-7546. The organization provides publications to consumers.

Keywords: Advocacy, Adolescent parents, Adolescent pregnancy, Curricula, Health promotion, Peer education, Peer support programs, Women

Guttmacher Institute ( )

Annotation: The Guttmacher Institute is a nonprofit corporation for research, policy analysis, and public education in the field of reproductive health. Services to consumers include publications and reference information. The institute publishes Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, International Family Planning Perspectives, The Guttmacher Policy Review, fact sheets, briefing papers, and special reports. A publications catalog is available. Some materials are available in Spanish, French, Asian, and other languages. The institute also has a list service, accessible through its Web site. The International Data Center allows users to build, download, and print custom tables, graphs, and maps using information from countries and regions.

Keywords: Pregnancy, Adolescent pregnancy, Data, Family planning, Foreign language materials, Information services, Listservs, Medical research, Online systems, Policy analysis, Prenatal care, Public education, Publications, Reproductive health, Sexuality education

Healthy Teen Network

Annotation: Healthy Teen Network, formerly the National Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting, and Prevention, is a national resource network of individuals and organizations focused on solving problems related to adolescent pregnancy prevention, sexuality, pregnancy, and parenting. The organization serves as a resource sharing and communication network to inform service providers and others about available resources and successful program models. Some materials are available in Spanish. It publishes a quarterly newsletter and also prepares alerts on funding opportunities and legislation. The organization also sponsors conferences. In 2010 it launched an evidence-based resource center.

Keywords: Adolescent pregnancy, Adolescent parents, Community programs, Parenting, Prevention programs, School based clinics, Self help clearinghouses, Sexuality

Healthy Youth Development Prevention Research Center

Annotation: The Healthy Youth Development Prevention Research Center, formerly the National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Research Center, collaborates with community-based, youth-serving organizations to promote youth development through research, training, and advocacy. The Healthy Youth Development Prevention Research Center, housed at the University of Minnesota, Department of Pediatrics, is one in a network of 33 academic centers whose main objective – as a PRC – is to link science to practice through collaborations with public health agencies and community-based organizations. All of the PRC’s share the fundamental goal of advancing the fields of health promotion and disease prevention by: focusing on high-priority health issues; bridging gaps between scientific knowledge and public health practice; applying and rapidly transferring research results; and enhancing cooperation between academic colleges and universities and state and local health departments, health-related agencies and organizations. The center provides inquiry responses, publications, and reference information, publishes a newsletter, and offers conferences, training seminars, and workshops. The center is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Keywords: Adolescent health, Information services, Needs assessment, Surveys

International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA)

Annotation: The International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) consists of groups and individuals interested in family-centered maternity and infant services. The association publishes a journal and pamphlets on topics relating to the childbearing years, certifies teachers, provides referrals, sponsors conventions and training seminars, and sells books and pamphlets on a wide range of topics, including pregnancy loss and bereavement. Some materials are available in Spanish, Asian languages and other languages. A catalog is available.

Keywords: Bereavement, Childbirth education, Family centered services, Pregnancy, Pregnancy loss

Journeyworks Publishing

Annotation: Journeyworks Publishing produces health education promotion materials including pamphlets, brochures, posters, and bookmarks, in these topic areas: tobacco prevention, smoking cessation, secondhand smoke, sexual abstinence, pregnancy prevention, male involvement, HIV and STD prevention, birth control, prenatal care, child health and parenting, drugs and alcohol, violence prevention, stress, mental wellness, fitness and nutrition, date rape, gay youth, women's health, Alzheimer's disease, and materials in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese. It also produces the Luann health series designed for the adolescent audience. Materials are directed at diverse audiences, and some are for low literacy audiences.

Keywords: Cultural competence, Adolescent health, Brochures, Consumer education materials, Health education, Low literacy materials, Minority groups, Posters

Medical Institute for Sexual Health (MISH)

Annotation: The Medical Institute for Sexual Health is a nonprofit organization that identifies, evaluates and communicates scientific information to promote healthy sexual decisions and behavior to medical professionals, educators, government officials, parents, and the media. It provides an electronic newsletter, an annual conference, and medical e-mail advisories that highlight recent research. It also publishes brochures, videos, reports, national guidelines for sexuality and character education, and a comparison of abstinence vs. safer sex sexuality education. Spanish-language brochures are available.

Keywords: Abstinence, Disease prevention, Sexuality education, Sexually transmitted diseases

National Alliance for Hispanic Health (NAHH)

Annotation: The National Alliance for Hispanic Health (NAHH) is a network of Hispanic health and human service providers that focuses on improving the health and well being of Hispanics. The alliance maintains the National Hispanic Family Health Helpline (866-783-2645) which offers Hispanic consumers free reliable and confidential health information in Spanish and English.Services to consumers includes referrals to local sources of information and medical services, inquiry responses, publications, and reference information.

Keywords: Hispanic Americans, Adolescent health, Child abuse, Child health, Education, Information services, Injury prevention, Minority health, Minority health promotion, Resources for professionals, Spanish language materials, Substance abuse, Training

National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy = Power to Decide (NCPTUP)

Annotation: The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unpllanned Pregnancy (NCPTUP), founded in 1996 as the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization which seeks to improve the well-being of children, youth, and families through reducing the rate of adolescent pregnancy by one third by the year 2005. In 2008, the mission was expanded to include unplanned pregnancies among 20-somethings. Resources for professionals include fact sheets, statistical compilations, journal articles, conference proceedings, and individual state data on adolescent pregnancy and adolescent pregnancy prevention. Services to consumers include publications addressed to parents, adolescents, and faith communities. Press releases are also provided to the media. The campaign has a resource bureau that fills requests for speakers, consultants, key contacts in each state, publications, and other resources; some materials are available in Spanish. It's name was changed in December 2017 to Power to Decide.

Keywords: Prevention programs, Abstinence, Adolescent pregnancy, Contraception, Family planning, Public awareness campaigns, Publications, Spanish language materials, Statistics, Young adults

National Child Labor Committee (NCLC)

Annotation: The National Child Labor Committee (NCLC) is a private, non-profit organization that works to promote the rights, well-being, and education of children and youth as they relate to work and working. As advocates, researchers, technical assistance providers, and catalysts, the Committee works with corporations, government agencies, school systems, and others on behalf of the country's at-risk young people in the areas of youth employment and training, child labor laws, education, and youth occupational safety and health. NCLC sponsors the Lewis Hine Award for service to children and youth and seeks to inspire elementary school children about working and working through the community partnership program, Kids and the Power of Work (KAPOW).

Keywords: Adolescent parents, Advocacy, Alcohol abuse, Child abuse, Child exploitation, Child labor, Cooperative work experience programs, Education, Migrants, Pregnant adolescents, Research, Small businesses, Substance abuse, Working adolescents

National Council of Negro Women (NCNW)

Annotation: The National Council for Negro Women (NCNW) is a council of domestic and international organizations and individuals interested in issues that affect African-American women. The council encourages the development and participation of African-American women in society and sponsors programs on family health care, obesity, adolescent pregnancy prevention, and education, among others.

Keywords: Minority groups, Adolescents pregnancy, Blacks, Child care, Health services, Minority Health, Women health

National School Boards Association (NSBA)

Annotation: The National School Boards Association (NSBA) is a non-profit organization that works to advance the quality of public school education, to provide up-to-date information and training on education issues to state school boards association members and local school boards, and to strengthen local citizen control of public schools. Focus areas include coordinated school health programs, physical activity, food safety, healthy eating, asthma in schools, HIV/AIDS policy development, tobacco use prevention, sexual orientation issues, and adolescent pregnancy prevention. NSBA's School Health Resource Database contains abstracts of more than 3,000 items, including sample policies, articles, and training tools. NSBA offers referrals and sponsors conferences and training seminars as well.

Keywords: Adolescents, Advocacy, Children, Conferences, Health education, Prevention programs, Professional societies, Public education, Public schools, Publications, School health programs, Technical assistance, Training

Office of Population Affairs Clearinghouse

Annotation: The Office of Population Affairs Clearinghouse (formerly the Family Life Information Exchange) provides referrals and distributes various federal publications on family planning, contraception, adolescent pregnancy, and adoption. Available materials include a catalog, manuals, directories, fact sheets, pamphlets, and summaries of Adolescent Family Life (AFL) projects. Some materials are available in Spanish and Asian languages

Keywords: Adolescent pregnancy, Adoption, Contraception, Family planning

Ounce of Prevention Fund (OPF)

Annotation: The Ounce of Prevention Fund is a public-private partnership that works with families and communities to foster optimal child development. The fund administers proven programs in Illinois that enhance early childhood development by working with families to prevent adolescent pregnancy, to improve the chances of parenting adolescents and their children, and to provide quality educational opportunities for disadvantaged children. It operates the Educare Center, which provides center-based developmental child care for children from birth to five years old. The fund provides referrals, publications, and reference information for consumers and sponsors training seminars for grantees and subcontractors.

Keywords: Child development, Adolescent parents, Adolescent pregnancy, Child health, Education, Families, Information services

Parents as Teachers (PAT)

Annotation: Parent as Teachers (PAT) is a voluntary early childhood parent education and family support program designed to help parents give their children the best possible start in life. This home-school-community partnership provides parents with information on child development, from the prenatal period through age 5, and suggests learning opportunities that encourage language development, intellectual growth, and physical and social skills. Based on the philosophy that parents are their children's first and most influential teachers, PAT professionals provide information to all families through personal visits, training seminars and conferences, group meetings, screening, and a resource network. The Parents as Teachers National Center has offered training to improve the skills of its parent educators, including Issues in working with teen parents and supporting families facing critical issues. Resources for professionals who work with mothers and fathers include fact sheets, screening tools, curricula, and online help from experts. Some materials are available in Spanish.

Keywords: Adolescent parents, Parent education, Programs

Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA)

Annotation: The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is dedicated to the principle that every person has the fundamental right to choose whether or when to have children. The federation works to ensure access to sexuality education and family planning services. Planned Parenthood health centers offer sexual and reproductive health care, including family planning, gynecological care, STI/STD testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, and abortion services. Its Web site offers information on birth control, emergency contraception, abortion, pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and diseases, gynecological exams, teens, and sexuality. The website provides an A-to-Z guide to health information and services, which can be viewed in English or Spanish.

Keywords: Family planning, Abortion, Adolescent pregnancy, Advocacy, Contraception, Health education, Internet, Online databases, Public awareness materials, Publications, Reproductive health, Reproductive rights, Sexuality education, Spanish language materials

Power to Decide: The Campaign to Prevent Unplanned Pregnancy

Annotation: Power to Decide, previously the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unpllanned Pregnancy (NCPTUP), founded in 1996 as the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization which seeks to improve the well-being of children, youth, and families through reducing the rate of adolescent pregnancy by one third by the year 2005. In 2008, the mission was expanded to include unplanned pregnancies among 20-somethings. Resources for professionals include fact sheets, statistical compilations, journal articles, conference proceedings, and individual state data on adolescent pregnancy and adolescent pregnancy prevention. Services to consumers include publications addressed to parents, adolescents, and faith communities. Press releases are also provided to the media. The campaign has a resource bureau that fills requests for speakers, consultants, key contacts in each state, publications, and other resources; some materials are available in Spanish. The name was changed in December 2017.

Keywords: Prevention programs, Abstinence, Adolescent pregnancy, Contraception, Family planning, Public awareness campaigns, Publications, Spanish language materials, Statistics, Young adults

Program Archive on Adolescent Pregnancy and Pregnancy Prevention (PASHA)

Annotation: The Program Archive on Sexuality, Health, and Adolescence (PASHA), funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and the Office of Adolescent Health in the Department of Health and Human Services, is a collection of effective program replication kits designed to reduce adolescent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (including HIV and AIDS) in adolescents. Each kit includes materials needed to implement and evaluate the intervention. PASHA's website includes a search assistant for finding programs, an overview table of replication kits, scientific papers related to the collection, and program selection criteria.

Keywords: Adolescent pregnancy, Adolescent sexuality, Archives, Diffusion of innovation, Health behavior, Model programs, Program evaluation, Risk taking, Sexually transmitted diseases

Sociometrics Corporation, Data Archive on Adolescent Pregnancy and Pregnancy Prevention (DAAPPP)

Annotation: Sociometrics Corporation's Data Archive on Adolescent Pregnancy and Pregnancy Prevention (DAAPPP) includes studies focused on adolescent sexual health issues. Studies address a variety of topics including the incidence, prevalence, antecedents, and consequences of adolescent pregnancy and family planning; and behavioral factors related to sexually transmitted infections.

Keywords: Adolescent pregnancy, Adolescent sexuality, Archives, Data, Family planning, Health behavior, Outcome and process assessment, Predisposing factors, Sexually transmitted diseases, Surveys

U.S. Office of Adolescent Health, Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program

Annotation: The Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) grant program is an evidence-based initiative to reduce adolescent pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, and risky sexual behavior among adolescents by working in concert with closely aligned programs supported by other federal agencies. OAH funds replications of program models from the U.S. Health and Human Services Teen Pregnancy Prevention Evidence Review. OAH also funds TPP research and demonstration programs and provides funds for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to implement and test community-wide approaches to TPP.

Keywords: Adolescent health, Adolescent pregnancy, Contraception, Dating, Delayed childbearing, Demonstration programs, Federal grants, Financial support, Health behavior, Prevention programs, Program development, Program evaluation, Program planning, Reproductive health, Research, Risk taking, Sexual health, Sexually transmitted diseases

U.S. Office of Population Affairs (OPA)

Annotation: The Office of Population Affairs (OPA) administers two grant programs, each of which has as its primary goal the prevention of unintended pregnancy. Title X, National Family Planning Program, funds family planning clinics which provide comprehensive reproductive health services to low income and minority populations at high risk for unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The Title XX Adolescent Family Life Program funds demonstration grants designed to develop innovative abstinence-based approaches for preventing early sexual activity and adolescent pregnancy and providing health, education and social services to pregnant and parenting adolescents and their families to help them improve their parenting skills and develop self-sufficiency. Publications are available through the Office of Population Affairs Clearinghouse.

Keywords: Family planning, Abstinence, Adolescent pregnancy, Information sources, Low income groups, Minority groups, Parenting skills, Program descriptions, Public Health Service Act, Title X, Publications, Reproductive health

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