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Strengthen the Evidence for Maternal and Child Health Programs

MCHB Final Reports

The MCH Digital Library is the repository for many final reports from completed projects funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB).

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Reports for the years 2000 – 2014 in PDF are listed below.

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"215-GO!" - A Childhood Obesity Project [Final report] (2011)
    Khan K; Project Number H17MC06711

Access to Pediatric Oral Health Services in Lane County, Oregon: Final Report (2009)
   Writer C.; Project Number H17MC02526

Alaska Oral Health Program: TOHSS Final Report (2012)
   Alaska Oral Health Program; Project Number H47MC08600

Alaska--State Oral Health Collaborative Systems Grant: Final Report (2007)
    Whistler, B.; Project Number H47MC02094

Alcohol Screening Assessment in Pregnancy (ASAP2) Project: Final Report (2006)
    Fogerty, S. and Finkelstein, N.; Project Number 5H51MC00012

Alternative Dispute Prevention and Resolution for Children with Special Health Care Needs and Their Families in Managed Care Settings (2002)
    Gittler, J.; Project Number H93MC00063

Assessing the Stress/Preterm-Low Birthweight Relationship (2006)
    Guendelman, S.; Project Number R40MC00305

Assessment of Enhanced Prenatal Services by Women of Diverse Ethnic Groups in Medicaid Managed Care (August 2003)
    Korenbrot, C. C.; Project Number: R40MC00137

Atlantic City Healthy Start (HIS Infrastructure/Capacity Building): Final Report (2001)
    Donlen, J.; Project Number H50MC00003

Atlanta Healthy Start Initiative: Impact Rreport (2005)
    Boykins, C.Y; Project Number H49MC00119

Augusta-Richmond County Health State Initiative: Impact Report (2005)
    McKenzie, R.; Project Number H49MC00132

Aunt Martha’s Healthy Start Impact Report (2005)
    Aunt Martha’s Youth Service Center; Project Number H49MC00110

Babies First (2005)
    Woodman, C.; Project Number: H49 MC00150

Baltimore City Healthy Start: Impact Report (2006)
    [Roberts: A.]; Project Number H49MC00085

[Begin With A Grin]: Final Report and Abstract (2013)
    Child Health Investment Partnership of Roanoke [VA]; Project number H17MC08975

Birmingham Healthy Start Impact Report (2005)
    Green, R. G.; Project Number: H49MC00143

Boston Healthy Start Initiative (2005)
    Christmas, D.; Project Number: H49MC00128

Boston University Occupational Therapy Leadership Center (2003)
    Cermak, S. A.; Project Number T81MC0007

Boys' Health Advocacy Program (2010)
    Eilers WB; Project number H17MC04352

Boys Town Transition Clinic for Youth in Foster Care: Final Report and Abstract (2012)
    Tonniges T, Maddox L.; Project Number H17MC07860

Brooklyn Healthy Start Impact Report (2005)
    Fairweather, L.; Project Number: H49MC00097

California Connections: Assuring Access to Preventive Services, Under Reformed Systems of Health Care, for Children with Special Needs and Their Families: Final report (Abstract) (2000)
    Baer, M. T.; Project Number H93MC00009

Camden Healthy Start Project: Impact Report (2005)
    Lyons, A.; Project Number: H49MC00142

Camden Healthy Start Project: Second Replication Phase Period—Final report (2001)
    Shani, Z.; Project Number STH34C055

Capacity Development and Sustainability of Integrated Services for Children with Special Health Care Needs (2004)
    Sellsted, L.; Project Number H25MC00187

Caring for 2: Columbus Healthy Start (2005)
    McClure, M.M.; Project Number H49MC00028

CATCH Kids Pontotoc Expansion Project (2010)
    Long VG; Project number H17MC04360.

Center for Leadership in Pediatric Physical Therapy (2004)
    Chiarello, L. A..; Project Number T18MC00004

Central Harlem Healthy Start Impact Report (2005)
    Drummonds, M.; Project Number H49MC00134

Central Hillsborough Healthy Start (2005)
    Berry, E.; Project Number H49MC00090

Central Nebraska Healthy Child Care Initiative (2004)
    Rother, J.; Project Number H25MC00174

Chicago Healthy Start Impact Report (2005)
    Wynn, J.,; Project Number H49MC00071

Child Care Health and Mental Health Consultation of Rhode Island (2011)
    Berger B; Project Number H17MC060709

Children's Dental Sealant Project (July 2002)
    Cuevas, S.; Project Number: H45MC00024

Children's Futures Initiative: Trenton, NJ Healthy Start Impact Report (2005)
    Gustin, S.; Project Number: H49MC00079

Children's Oral Healthcare Access Program (Final Report) (2007)
    Richardson, D. J.; Project Number: H47MC01938

Children's Oral Healthcare Access Program: End of Project Final Report (2007)
   Morgan, M. and Potter, S. L.; Project Number: H47MC02092

Children's Oral Health Care Access Program for the Marshall Islands: End-of-Project Final Report (2007)
   Tut, O.; Project Number H47MC02052

Cleveland MomsFirst Project (2005)
    Matthews, L.; Project Number: 6H49MC00082

Colorado TOHSS Final Report (2012)
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Oral Health Program; Project Number H47MC08657.

Committed to Kids Health (CTKH): Final Evaluation Report (2012)
    Berry S.; Project Number H17MC07863

Community-Based Violence Prevention for High Risk Youth (March 2005)
    Cheng, T. L. and Wright, J.L.; Project Number R40MC00325/R40MC00174

Community Integrated Service System/Community Organizations Grants (Final Report) (2003)
    Gorton, J.; Project Number: H25MC00203

Community Organizing and Planning for a Rural Integrated Service System in Rogue River, Oregon (April 2003)
    Daugherty, A.; Project Number: H25MC00215

Community Outreach and Action for Children who are Hispanic (COACH) (December 2000)
    Renken, C. A.; Project Number: H25MC00118

Coordinating Care for Children with Chronic Conditions in Primary Care [Final Report] (2008)
    Perrin, J. M.; Project Number R40MC02502

Crozer-Keystone Healthy Start Impact Report (2005)
    Craig, J.; Project Number: H49MC00060

Dallas Healthy Start Impact Report (2005)
    Burke, G.; Project Number: H49MC00157

Detroit Health Start Program (2005)
    Maseru, N.; Project Number H49MC00147

Developing a System of Care to Address Family Violence During or Around the Time of Pregnancy in Multnomah County: [Final report] (2005)
    Goodrich, J.; Project Number H64MC003401

Dexamethasone for Bronchiolitis RCT: A PECARN Project (2008)
    Corneli, H.; Project Number R40MC04298

Doña Ana [Las Cruces] Healthy Start Impact Report (2005)
    Garcia, J.O.; Project Number 5H67MC00001

Doula Support for Young Mothers: A Randomized Trial (Final Report) (2005)
    Hans, S.; Project Number: R40MC00203

Downstate New York Healthy Start Initiative - Phase II: Final report (2005)
    [Chambers: L.]; Project Number H49MC00133

Early Child Care Study of Children With Special Needs (December 2002)
    Booth, C. L.; Project Number: R40MC00133

Early Intervention Collaborative Study (EICS) Phase IV: Adolescence (June 2003)
    Hauser-Cram, P.; Project Number: R40MC00177

The Effect of Welfare Reform on Low-Income Pregnant Women's Insurance Status and Prenatal Care Utilization (March 2004)
    Handler, A.; Project Number: R40MC00209

End of Project Final Report (2007)
    Alves-Dunkerson, J.; Project Number H47MC02038

End of TOHSS Project Report, Republic of Marshall Islands (2012)
   Tut O; Project Number H47MC08647

Enhancing Child Health Outcomes for Children with Special Health Care Needs (ECHO) (March 2004)
    Kacirek, R.; Project Number: RH25MC00201

Enterprise Community Healthy Start: Impact Report—Disparities (2005)
    Pittman, S.; Project Number H49MC00129

Expansion of the University of Maryland Hospital for Children Breathmobile(R) to Underserved Hispanic Children with Asthma: Performance Report (2012)
    Bollinger, ME; Project Number H17MC07858

Family Center for Healthy Futures: Final Report (2010)
    Simpson M, Hendrix S; Project Number H17MC04353

Family Road of Greater Baton Rouge [Healthy Start] (2005)
    Morrison D.C.; Project Number H49MC00107

Family Support After an Infant Loss Home Visit Program: Final Report (2002)
    Berg S.; Project Number MCJ-366076

Fathers, Maternal Depressive Symptoms, and Parenting (2007)
    Minkovitz, C. S.; Project Number R40MC07839

Fayette County Healthy Start Impact Report (2005)
    [Flint: C. S.]; Project Number H49MC00027

Final Comprehensive Report: Enhancing Breastfeeding Duration in Premature Infants (2005)
   Philipp, B. L.: Project Number R40MC00252

Final Narrative: HRSA TOHSS GrantImproving Access to Oral Health Services for Children with Special Health Care Needs with Minor and Moderate Chronic Conditions in Washington State (2012)
   Alves-Dunkerson J; Project Number H47MC08598

Final Progress Report: Children's Oral Healthcare Access Program (2007)
   Hagen-Buss, A.; Project Number H47MC01928

Final Progress Report: State Oral Health Collaborative System–Connecticut Community-based Sealant Program (2008)
   Wilson, A. A.; Project Number H47MC04113

Final Report: Assessment of Seasonal and Racial Variation in Vitamin D Deficiency of Newborns and Their Mothers [2008]
   Bauchner, H.; Project Number R40MC03620

Final Report: Development and Dissemination of Oral Health Risk Assessment and Referral (PORRT) Guidelines (2013)
   North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Oral Health Section; Project Number H47MC08654

Final Report of the 2004 Regional Conferences (2005)
    National Healthy Start Association; Project Number: 1H4DMC01427

Final Report, Targeted State MCH Oral Health Service Systems Grant (2012)
   Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Maine CDC Oral Health Program; Project Number H47MC08655

Future Smiles Dental Clinic: State Oral Health Collaborative Systems (SOHCS) Grant—Final Narrative Reports (2007)
    Mouden, L.; Project Number H47MC01929

Gadsden Woman to Woman Project: Impact Report (2005)
    Jones, M.; Project Number H40MC00056

Genesee County Healthy Start: Impact Report (2005)
    [McKellar: J.]; Project Number 5H49MC00148

Genetic Services Policy Project (2008)
    Doyle, D.L. and Watts, C.; Project numbers U35MC02601; U35MC02602

The Genetics Education Needs Evaluation Project (February 2006)
    Doksum, T.; Project Number: U33-MC00157
    Executive Summary  | Final Report

Genetics in Primary Care (GPC): A Faculty Development Initiative (December 2003)
    Kahn, N. B.; Project Number: 240-98-0020

Genetics Services Program [Tennessee] (2003)
    Lozzio, C. B.; Project Number H46MC00196

Georgia: Access to Dental Services/GADS III—Final report (2007)
    Koskela, L. L.; Project Number: H47MC01931

Get in Shape (2012)
     Josselyn, H; Project Number: H17MC07856

GOALS program: Final Report (2010)
    Neavel, C.; Project Number H17MC04359

Great Expectations New Orleans Healthy Start: Final Impact Report (2006)
    Stephens, K. U.; Project Number H49MC00099

Greater Englewood Healthy Start Impact Report
    Project Number: H49MC00103

Growing Connections for Kids: Ensuring a medical home for children in Denver County foster care [Final report] (2012)
   Well K.; Project Number H17MC07895

Hawai'i Health Start Initiative Project (2005) | Cover Only
    Momi Kamau, A.; Project Number H78MC00018

Health Care Utilization: Pediatric Organ Transplantation (December 2002)
    Stuber, M.; Project Number: R40MC00120

The Health Education and Adult Literacy (HEAL) Program: [Final report] (2012)
   Meyer D.; Project Number H17MC07865

Health Insurance Coverage of Special Needs Children (March 2003)
    Davidoff, A. J.; Project Number: R40MC00292

Healthy Babies Begin Before Birth (2005)
    Thomas, D. N.; Project Number: 5H49MC00125

Healthy Birth Initiative II, Multnomah County Healthy Start: Impact Report (2005)
    Smith, S.; Project Number: H49MC00141

Healthy Families Expansion Program: Final Report (2009)
    Oatis P.; Project Number H17MC02518

Healthy Start CORPS: Impact Report (2006)
    Greaver, B.L.; Project Number 4H49MC00068

Healthy Start Eliminating Disparities: Impact Report (2005)
     Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation; Project Number H49MC00049

Healthy Start Impact Report: Doña Ana [County] Healthy Start Program (2009)
    La Clinica de Familia; Project Number H67MC00001

Healthy Start Interconceptional Care for High-Risk Women and Infants: Impact report (2006)
    Southern Illinois Heathcare Foundation; Project Number 5H75MC00010

Healthy Start - Northeastern North Carolina Baby Love Plus: Family violence program—Impact report (2007)
    Ruffin, J. and Pettiford, B.; Project Number H64MC00025

Healthy Start Pittsburgh/Allegheny County 2005-2009: Impact / Final Report (2009)
    Flint, CS; Project Number H49MC04495

Healthy Teeth - Healthy Children Project: End of Project Report (narrative) (2007)
    Longhurst, T.; Project Number: H47MC01952

Healthy Tomorrows: Niños Especiales/Familias Fuertas (Special Children/Stong Families) (2011)
    Hobson-Rohrer, W.; Project Number H17MC06706

Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children (2011)
    Ferran E; Project Number H17MC06712

Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program (2010)
    Kotch JB; Project Number H17MC04354

Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program (2010)
    Tehan, J.; Project Number H17MC04355

Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program (Bilingual Nurse Advocate): Final Report (2013)
    Bouressa D.; Project Number: H17MC08969

Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children: Community Asthma Initiative—Final report (2011)
    Woods E.R.; Project Number H17MC06705.

Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children: Erie Dental Health Center [Final Report] (2011)
    Francis L; Project Number H17MC06704

Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program: Final report (2010)
    Hoffman SM; Project Number H17MC06966

Healthy Tomorrows/Project HOPE (2013)
    Coleman LP; Project Number H17MC08972

Healthy Tomorrows Somali Bantu Project (2012)
    Louisville Metro Public Health & Wellness; Project Number H17MC06708

Heart of Georgia Healthy Start Initiatives: Final Impact Report (2005)
    Turner, M.; Project Number: H49 MC00122

Higher Education Curricula for Integrated Service Providers: Final Report (2000)
    Baldwin, V.; Project Number MCJ415093

Home by One: TOHSS Final Project Narrative Report (2012)
    Ferraro, L.; Project Number H47MC08648

Home Owner’s Insurance: Strengthening the  Foundation of the Medical Home (Oregon Medical  Home Project) (2004)
    Nickel, R. E.; Project Number H02 MC00083

Honoring Our Children Project: Impact Summary Report (2005)
     Stoddard, B.; Project Number H49 MC00092

Hospital to Medical Home: Final Report (2014)
    Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center, Mercy Children's Hospital; Project Number H17MC11289

Impact Report: Kansas City Healthy Start (2005)
    Craig, J.; Project Number 5H49 MC01449

Improved Prenatal Down Syndrome Screening: Paired Testing (June 2004)
    Knight, G. J.; Project Number 5R40 MC00195

Improving Pregnancy Outcomes Program (IPOP): Alameda County Health Care Services Agency (2005)
    Taylor, D.; Project Number 6H49 MC00130

Improving School Readiness in Washington State through Reach Out and Read (February 2014)
    Reach Out and Read, Inc.; Project Number H17MC11287

Increasing Safety Seat Use Among Preschoolers (September 2001)
    Garcia, V. F.; Project Number R40MC00116

Indianapolis Healthy Start Impact Report (2005)
    Beasley, Y.; Project Number H49MC00138

Infancy To Middle Childhood In Rural Appalachia (2007)
    Fish, M.; Project Number R40 MC 00316 03

The In-Home Hospital-Level Care Experiment: In Rochester, New York (January 2003)
    McConnochie, K. M.; Project Number: R40 MC00095

Integrated Behavioral Pediatric Health Project (2009)
    Kintu, E.; Project Number H17MC02516

An Intervention for the Transition to Fatherhood (March 2004)
    Doherty, W. J.; Project Number: R40MC00141

Iowa's TOHSS Project Final Progress Report (2012)
    Iowa Department of Public Health, [Bureau of Oral and Health Delivery Systems]; Project Number H47MC08603

Kansas TOHSS Final Report (2012)
   Kansas Bureau of Oral Health; Project Number H47MC08659

Kentucky Oral Health Collaborative Systems Grant: (Final Report) (2007)
    Cecil, J.; Project Number H47MC01940

Life Around Newborn Discharge (October 2002)
    Bernstein, H. H.; Project Number: R40MC00117

Louisville Metro Healthy Start Impact Report (2005)
    Assef, N.; Project Number 7H4 MC00152

Love and Learn Teen and Young Parent Program: Abstract and Final report (2014)
    Visiting Nurse Association; Project Number H17MC11293

Low Country Healthy Start: Impact Report (2005)
    South Carolina Office of Public Health; Project Number H49MC00062

Maajtaag Mnobmaadzid (A Start of a Healthy Life): Inter-tribal Council of Michigan: Healthy Start Impact Report (2005)
     Simkins, G., et al.; Project Number H49MC00131

Maternal Birthweight and Reproductive Outcomes (March 2002)
    Emanuel, I.; Project Number: R40 MC00098 or 00132

Maternal and Child Health Library Services (March 2005)
    Mayer, R.; Project Number U02MC0001

Maternal Health and Pregnancy Outcomes Among Hispanics (January 2003)
    Kieffer, E. C.; Project Number: R40 MC00115

Maternal PKU Resource Mothers Program: A Clinical Trial (December 2003)
    Waisbren, S.; Project Number: R40 MC00162

Measuring the Performance of State CSHCN Systems (2006)
    Margolis, L.H.; Project Number R40 MC04295

The Michigan Genetics Plan: Assessment of Service and Infrastructure Needs (2003)
    Bach, J.; Project Number 1H46 MC00174

Michigan Targeted State Maternal and Child Oral Health Service Systems Program Narrative (2012)
   Michigan Department of Community Health; Project Number H47MC08650

Milwaukee Healthy Beginnings Project (2006)
    McManus, P.; Project Number H78 MC00020

Mississippi County, Arkansas: Healthy Start Final Impact Report (2005)
    Towery, M.L.; Project Number 3H49 MC00093

Mobile TEEN Center (2005)
    Warren, K.; Project Number: H49 MC00064

National Evaluation Phase II Report: Implementation and Evaluation, January 2007 - June 2010 (2011)
    Solomon J.; Project Number U93MC00157

National Network Project for Children with Special Needs: Final Report (2003)
    Magrab, P.; Project Number MCU115042

Nebraska State Plan for Newborn Screening & Genetic Services (2003)
    Miller, J.; Project Number 5H46 MC00202

Neighborhood Conditions and Health Disparities (2005)
    Cohen, D. A.; Project Number: R40 MC00303

Nevada State Planning and Fluoridation Systems Development (NVSPFSD) Project: Final Report (2001)
    Wright, J. M.; Project Number P03 MC00003

New Haven Healthy Start (2005)
    Harris, K.; Project Number: H75 MC00017

North Carolina Triad Baby Love Plus: Healthy Start Impact Report (2004)
    Pettiford, B.; Project Number: H49 MC00088

North Dakota State Oral Health Collaborative Systems Grant: End of Project Final Report (2008)
    Yineman, K.; Project Number: H47 MC01926

Northeast Wichita Healthy Start Initiative (2005)
    Jobst, T.; Project Number H49MC00096

Northeastern North Carolina Baby Love Plus: Healthy Start Impact Report (2003)
    Ruffin, J.; Project Nunmber H49 MC00037

Northwest Indiana Healthy Start: Impact Report (2006)
    Ratney, R. R.; Project Number H49 MC00083

Oral Health for Maryland's Kids: Targeted Oral Health Service Systems ProjectFinal Report (2011)
Holt, K; Project Number H47MC08649

Oregon Early Childhood System Planning Project (2005)
    Dodson, D.; Project Number H25 MC00269

Oregon State Planning and Fluoridation Systems Development Project: Final Report (2001)
    Dodson, D. K.; Project Number H43 MC00002

Our Children First Coalition (2002)
    Smart, D.; Project Number H25 MC00019

Overcoming Barriers to Care for Vulnerable Children with Asthma (2008)
    Seid, M.; Project Number R40MC08044

Patient centered quality improvement of well-child care: Final Report (2012)
    Bethell, C., Project Number R40MC08959

Pediatric/Adolescent Blood Disorders Program (2003)
    Bottom, K.; Project Number 1H46 MC00163

Pittsburgh/Allegheny County 2001-2005 Healthy Start Impact Report (2005)
    Flint, C. S.; Project Number H49 MC00059

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder After Pediatric Traffic-Related Injury (May 2003)
    Winston, F. K.; Project Number: R40 MC00138

Practice-Based Community Connections (2004)
    Williams, K.; Project Number H25 MC00212

Predicting African American Children's School Competence (August 2004)
    Roberts, J. E.; Project Number R40 MC00145

Preterm Functional Development and Outcome (2008)
    Allen, C.M.; Project Number R40 MC00312

Preventing Postpartum Depression in High-Risk Latinas: Effects on Maternal and Infant Health [2009]
    Le, H; Project Number R40MC02497

Prince William Health Collaborative (2003)
    DeChene, B.; Project Number 1H25 MC00191

Program Narrative Sections: Targeted Oral health Service Systems Grant (2012)
   Kentucky Department for Public Health; Project Number H47MC08660

Program narrative: Virginia Targeted State Maternal and Child Health Oral Health Service Systems (2012)
    Day KC, Project Number H47MC08656

Project EAT-II: A Longitudinal Study (2006)
    Neumark-Sztainer, D.; Project Number R40 MC00319

Project WIN (Welcoming Infants Into Neighborhoods): Final Report (2009)
    Cernech B.; Project Number H17MC02505

Promoting Pediatric Bioethics in Health Care and Research: Final Report (2007)
    Diekema, D.S.; Project Number H1S MC06346

Provide Dental Sealants to Low-Income Children in School-Based Program (2002)
    Harvey, H. L.; Project Number: H45 MC00010

Providence Smiles (July 2002)
    Vallee, C. and Hosmer, J.; Project Number: 1H45 MC00030

Psychosocial Sequelae of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) and Very Low Birth Weight-Phase Two (October 2003)
    Singer, L.; Project Number: R40 MC00127

Psycho-Social Sequelae of BPD and VLBW: Phase (3) Three (2008)
    Singer, L. T.; Project Number R40 MC000334

Puerto Rican Young Fathers' Involvement with Their Children (November 2003)
    Erkut, S.; Project Number: R40 MC00161

Puerto Rico CISS/COG Project to Enhance Managed Care Systems / Puerto Rico Medical Home Project (2004)
    Perez de Otero, N.; Project Number: H25 MC00178

Puerto Rico Healthy Start: Eliminating Disparities [Final] Report (2006)
    Flores, R. V.; Project Number 5H49 MC00105

Reducing Cultural Barriers to the Provision of Genetic Services in South Texas (July 2003)
    Kaye, C. I.; Project Number: 4H46 MC00109

Reducing oral health disparities through increased collaboration and awareness: End of Project Final Report (2007)
    Davis, H.; Project Number: H47 MC01953

Responsiveness of SCHIP to Children with Special Health Care Needs (March 2003)
    Rosenbaum, S.; Project Number: R40 MC00165

Richmond Healthy Start Initiative Impact Report (2005)
    Singleton, R. S.; Project Number: 5H49 MC00124

Risk Reduction for Family Well-Being: West Virginia Healthy Start / HAPI (Helping Appalachian Parents and Infants) Project—Impact Report (2005)
    Dawood, M.Y.; Project Number 5H49 MC00161

Saginaw Great Beginnings Health Start Project (2005)
    Gibson, D. K.; Project Number 5H49 MC00058

San Antonio Healthy Start Impact Report (2005)
    Guerra, F. A.; Project Number H49 MC00101

SEAL INDIANA Final Report: State Oral Health Collaborative Systems Grant Program (SOHCS) (2008)
    Yoder, K. M.; Project Number: H47 MC02007

Sealant Placement at Community Health Fair: Final Report (2003)
    Spolsky, V. W.; Project Number: H45 MC00022

Service Integration Project for Latino Families in San Francisco (April 2004)
    Giovannini, T.; Project Number: H25 MC00219

Shelby County Healthy Start: Impact Report 2000-2004 (2005)
    Madlock, Y.; Project Number H49MC00036

Shields for Families Healthy Start Project (2005)
    Icenhower, K.; Project Number: H49 MC00094

South Alabama Integrated Health Services for Genetic Conditions (November 2003)
    Wertelecki, W.; Project Number: 1H46 MC00165

St. Louis Healthy Start: Final Report (2005)
    [Beavers: R. J.[; Project Number 6H49 MC00146

St. Petersburg / Pinellas Health Start Federal Project: Final impact report (2005)
    Adams, V.; Project Number: 5H49 MC00054

Starting Points for Idaho Youth (2011)
    Kinney ML; Project Number H17MC06710

State Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Targeted Oral health Services Systems (TOHSS) Grant Program: Final project narrative, 2007-2011 (2012)
   Florida Department of Health, Public Health Dental Program; Project Number H47MC08651

Successful Learning in Vulnerable Preschool Children Through Improved Mental Health: Final report (2013)
     Cavens P.; Project Number H17MC08970

Supporting Pan Asian Runaway and Homeless Youth: Special Projects of Regional and National Significance[Final report] (2012)
    Hwang, A; Project Number H17MC07866.

SYHC [San Ysidro Health Center] School Readiness Initiative: [Final report] (2012)
    Martinez E.; Project Number H17MC07864

Syracuse Healthy Start Impact Report (2005)
    Reilly, J. R.; Project Number H49 MC00067

Targeted Oral Health Services Systems: Massachusetts' Final Project Narrative (2012)
    Bethel L; Project Number H47MC08652

Targeted State Maternal and Child Oral Health Service Systems Final Report (2012)
   New York State Department of Health, Children's Oral Health Access Program; Project Number H47MC08604

Tennessee Respite Coalition (2004)
    Barnes, L.; Project Number 6H25 MC00180

The State Oral Health Collaborative Systems Grant (2007)
    Flieger, J.; Project Number: H47 MC02057

TLC (Together Learning to Cope): Supporting Children Whose Families Face a Life-Threatening Illness—Final Report (2009)
   Rockstad S.; Project Number H17 MC02508

TOHSS Final Narrative [California] (2012)
   Center for Oral Health; Project Number H47MC08601

Towards Meeting the Needs of Adolescents: An Assessment of Federally Funded Adolescent Health Programs and Initiatives within the Department of Health and Human Services (February 2005)
   Brindis, C., Valderrama, L. T., Park, J., et al.; ContractNumber 03-MCHB-072B-CC 03-244P

Tulsa Community Integrated Services for Women and Children (March 2004)
   Figart, J.; Project Number: 5H25 MC00185

Tulsa Healthy Start Impact Report (2006)
   Jackson, C.L.; Project Number H49MC00087

Twin Cities Healthy Start Initiative Impact Report (2005)
   Garner, C.; Project Number: H4 MC00073

Using Evidence for Prenatal Case Management Structure (2008)
   Issel, L. M.; Project Number R40MC05472

Utah Collaborative Medical Home (2004)
   Tait, V. F.; Project Number: 5H02MC00082

Visiting Nurse Services Des Moines Healthy Start Project Impact Report for 2001-2005(2005)
   Project Number: H49MC00052

Welfare Reform and the Perinatal Health of Immigrants (December 2002)
    Minkoff, H. L.; Project Number: R40MC00126

Westside Healthy Start: Impact Report (2005)
    Gray, P.; 2H49MC00098

The Wisconsin Community-based System of Oral Health for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs: Wisconsin Special Smiles Program—Final Report (2011)
    Flanagan D; Project Number H47MC08602

Women’s Wellness Initiative: Impact Rerport (2005)
    [Price, S. K.]; Project Number H78MC00014

This project is supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under grant number U02MC31613, MCH Advanced Education Policy, $3.5 M. This information or content and conclusions are those of the author and should not be construed as the official position or policy of, nor should any endorsements be inferred by HRSA, HHS or the U.S. Government.