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Bereavement Support


First Candle Resources:

Featured Resources

Pregnancy & Newborn Loss. From Hurt to Healing: Dealing with the Death of Your Baby. (2008). March of Dimes. Overview of grief related to pregnancy and newborn loss, includes coping strategies, access to bereavement materials, fact sheets, and resource organizations.

Bereavement Support Services: Resources. (2010). Resource Center. From Helping Babies, Healing Families: A Program Manual and Trainer's Guide for Sudden and Unexpected Infant/Child Death and Pregnancy Loss. Resources for parents, families, and professionals; bereaved children; child care providers; faith communities; and cultural and ethnic groups; plus multimedia resources and online support.

For Families, Friends, and Children

Books for Children on Dealing with Death. (2013) Resource Center. This bibliography is intended to help parents or caregivers navigate children's questions that are likely to come up after the death of a younger sibling from sudden infant death.

After Sudden Infant Death: Facing Anniversaries, Holidays and Special Events. (2005). Resource Center. Information and strategies for grieving parents as they approach special family gatherings and holidays.

The Death of a Child, the Grief of the Parents: A Lifetime Journey. (2011). Resource Center. This PDF booklet is a resource on the process of grief, describing bereavement as a set of tasks for the bereaved. Topics covered include factors that may interfere with the grief process, sudden infant death syndrome, fathers, families needing additional support, non-traditional families, ways to comfort a grieving parent, ways that help parents cope and heal, and recommended resources.

This PDF booklet discusses common and individual characteristics of parental grief, the unique grief of parents who lose an infant to SUID/SIDS, the special nature of a father’s grief, the impact of grief on special parenting situations, and how family and friends can comfort grieving parents.

It also includes resources for families to share with their children.

The Grieving Child: Helping Children Cope When an Infant Dies. (2011). Resource Center. This PDF booklet is a resource on common reactions that children of different ages exhibit when an infant dies and how to help these children.

This booklet is intended as a resource for parents, child care providers, and other adults who must explain the death of a young sibling or friend to children and help them grieve. It discusses the nature of grief in children, the importance of allowing children to go through the normal grief process, common emotional reactions of children to death and loss, the unique effects of a sudden unexpected infant death in children, what children need to know when a SIDS loss occurs, how to seek support services, inclusion of children in funerals and family rituals.

Includes tables showing from birth to teen on how each group react to death and help guidelines, selected organizations that provide support and services to bereaved children, list of resources to help children cope with loss, references, and a list of resources that provide support and services to bereaved children.

For Providers

Podcast: Home Visiting and Grief Counseling. (2008). Resource Center. Discussion with two Tomorrow’s Child/Michigan SIDS bereavement support nurses about providing home visits to families who are grieving after the loss of a pregnancy or the death of an infant.

When an Infant Dies: Cross Cultural Expressions of Grief and Loss III. (2007). National Fetal-Infant Mortality Review Program Bulletin. Cultural traditions of Hmong, African-American, and Jewish families grieving the loss of an infant. Previous issues cover Latino, Native-American, African-American, and Muslim cultures (I) and African American, French and English Caribbean, Hispanic/Latino, Chinese, and Ojibwa cultures (II).


Center for Loss in Multiple Birth Information for parents, friends, and relatives about the loss of a twin, triplet, or higher order multiples; discussion of subsequent pregnancies; a bibliography and links to other resources. Some of the information is provided in Spanish, French, Chinese, and Russian.

Compassionate Friends Brochures, local chapters, events, conferences, and an online video, After a Child Dies.

First Candle Consumer and professional materials available to order online and a state-by-state list of grief resources. Also provides bilingual (English and Spanish) grief counselors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll free at (800) 221-7437.

M.I.S.S. Foundation International organization that provides immediate and ongoing support to grieving families, empowerment through community volunteerism opportunities, public policy and legislative education, and programs to reduce infant and toddler death through research and education. The organization also provides prevention information and workshops and seminars on a variety of grief- and therapy-related topics. This Web site is also available in Spanish.

Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance Nationwide collective community of parents and health professionals. Offers an annotated list of materials, organizations, and Web sites, updated annually; and practice guidelines with specific suggestions for providing the compassionate care put forth by PLIDA position statements on offering the infant to bereaved parents and when parents want to hold their infant.

Resolve Through Sharing A program created by Gundersen Lutheran Bereavement Services in 1981 to serve families whose infant dies during pregnancy or shortly after birth. Offers training, including videos, for health professionals and materials for parents,

Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, Inc. Online brochures, publications available to order, and support groups for parents; materials for professionals; training and conferences.

Finding Other Resource Center Materials

For more resources, see the A to Z topic list on Bereavement.

Also, the Resource Center recently updated it's collection of children's books on grief and of materials for adults to use in helping children grieve. Find using keywords such as grief children. on our Search page.

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