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Strengthen the Evidence for Maternal and Child Health Programs

Hiscock Historical Collection

Preserving the Early Development of Medicaid's EPSDT Benefit

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Hamlin D, Stell L, Hotkowski P. 1982. A guide to the design, development, and implementation of an EPSDT subsystem of the MMIS. San Francisco, CA: Alexander Grant Information Systems, (Hiscock Collection; no. 158).

This guide describes an Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) subssystem for the Medicare Management Information System (MMIS) designed to cover the many EPSDT program functions that are different than those of Medicare. It includes the general system plan, an implementation plan, a training guide outline, and a user manual outline. Introductory information includes an executive summary of a system developed for California's Child Health and Disability Prevention Program and a summary of an assessment of the Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma and Virginia EPSDT subsystems.

National Institute for Advanced Studies. 1981. Assessment of California's EPSDT case management system: Technical assistance to California in the development of Medicaid MMIS for EPSDT module. Washington, DC: National Institute for Advanced Studies, 1 v, (Hiscock Collection; no. 136).

Hamlin D, Stella L. 1982. Assessment of EPSDT automated case management systems in four states. San Francisco, CA: Alexander Grant Information Systems, 1 v, (Hiscock Collection; no. 157).

This report describes an assessment of case management systems in Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Virginia.

Philadelphia Health Management Corporation. 1979. Case management systems development for Ohio and Illinois: Final project report for Illinois and Ohio. Philadelphia, PA: Philadelphia Health Management Corporation, 1 v, (Hiscock Collection; no. 146).

This final report describes technical assistance in case management provided to Ohio and Illinois. It discusses analysis of contract effectiveness, approach used to provide technical assistance and recommendations for future activities.

Macro Systems. 1980. Conceptual design of model automated EPSDT case management system (rev.). Silver Spring, MD: Macro Sysgtems, 156 pp, (Hiscock Collection; no. 123).

This report presents a conceptual design for a model automated EPSDT case management system for the state of California, designed to be a county-operated system supported by various state systems. It describes the purpose of the system, the activities performed in developing the conceptual design, system requirements, features and operation, outputs, interfaces, and implementation issues and requirements.

Philadelphia Health Management Corporation. 1979. EPSDT case management support system: Final report for the state of Ohio. Philadelphia, PA: Philadelphia Health Management Corporation, 1 v, (Hiscock Collection; no. 147).

This report describes enhancements recommended for the Ohio Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) program, including data elements, data collection, and data processing.

Community Health Foundation. 1977. EPSDT interim system evaluation design document, state of Louisiana. Evanston, IL: Community Health Foundation, 112 pp, (Hiscock Collection; no. 49).

This report describes a comprehensive evaluation of the state-of-the-art operational facilities in Louisiana regarding EPSDT reporting and tracking capabilities. It includes requirements, system description, resources, and implementation.

Bokonon Systems. 1975. EPSDT state and local issues. Washintgon, DC: Bokonon Systems, 34 pp, (Hiscock Collection; no. 45 related).

This paper categorizes state and local Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) program concerns regarding compliance and planning, addressing the extent to which EPSDT has been implemented and basic evaluation issues of project administrators. The paper discusses a data classification system to evaluate a wide range of EPSDT activities.

Joseph A Davis Consultants and Control Analysis Corporatin. [1974]. Final report: The review of states' opinions of MMIS (Medicaid Management Information Systems). New York, NY: Joseph A. Davis Consultants; Palo Alto, CA: Control Analysis Corporation, 144 pp, (Hiscock Collection; no. 139).

This report presents results of a study of Medicaid Managment Information Systems, an information and claims processing system designed to improve the control and management of a state's Title XIX Program (grants to states for medical assistance programs, including Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program). The study surveyed states regarding better implementation of MMIS.

Consultec, Inc. [1979]. Functional system requirements for a CHAP case management support system in the state of New York. Consultec, Inc., 59 pp, (Hiscock Collection; no. 131).

This report defines the functional system requirements of a case management support system for the Child Health Assurance Program (CHAP) in New York State.

Quigg TL with Norris D, Davies J, Snipes E, Miller P. 1976. Human Services Community Planning Assistance Project: Model project update. [no place, NC]: Kerr-Tar Regional Council of Governments, 28 pp, (Hiscock Collection; no. 55).

This report describes a project to make available to local human service agency directors, county managers, locally elected officials and Department of Human Resources personnel the tools and information needed to undertake objective human service planning for Title XX (Social Services Block Grant) and other services in North Carolina. It describes goal-oriented planning as a method for setting agency budgets.

Bokonon Systems. 1975. Review of technical assistance efforts. Washington, DC: Bokonon Systems, 1 v, (Hiscock Collection; no. 141).

This report describes technical assistance activities related to data systems at EPSDT programs in Roosevelt Hospital (New York) and South Carolina.

South Carolina Department of Social Services. 1977. State and local EPSDT planning and evaluation model: Final report. [Columbia, SC]: South Carolina Department of Social Services, 15 pp plus 6 appendices, (Hiscock Collection; no. 11).

This report describes the project accomplishments and program benefits of a project to demonstrate that upgrading state and local systems could result in improvement in information required for evaluation and planning of Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) programs.


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