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SUID/SIDS Research Bibliographies

These bibliographies on frequently requested topics present the latest citations from PubMed, the National Library of Medicine's premier database of biomedical literature. All entries are from English-language journals.

African-American Community and SIDS

Air Pollution

American Indian/Alaska Native Communities and SIDS

Apnea Monitoring

Apparent Life-Threatening Event

Aspiration or Choking and SIDS

Bed Sharing, Co-sleeping

Bereavement and Grief After Perinatal Loss


Child Abuse

Child Care and SIDS

Child Death Review

Cribs, Bedding and Mattresses

Fetal and Infant Mortality Review

Fetal Movement Monitoring

Healthy Start

Hispanic Community and SIDS


Infant Sleep Position

Long QT Syndrome

Nurse's Role in SIDS Risk Reduction



Respiratory Infections

Risk Reduction

Serotonin Research


Sudden Unexpected Infant Death

Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood



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Getting the Articles:

Most PubMed literature is available at medical, university, or public libraries or at the publisher's website, either for free, as part of the institution's subscription, or through inter-library loan. Contact your local library, or view PubMed's How to Get the Journal Article or Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce's How to Access Journal Articles for more details.